soul guidance

My mission is to help women who deeply desire transformation to get unstuck and connect in with their deepest truth and purpose and live a life that lights up their heart and soul. 

You're feeling lost in your life - like you're stuck on a hamster wheel

You feel dissatisfied, disconnected but can't quite put your finger on exactly why that is.

You've read lots and lots of spiritual and personal development books and yet you still feel stuck in the same old patterns. You realise that gaining more info isn't enough, you need clarity, understanding and how to actually incorporate and embody in your life

You've been to retreats, workshops, classes and feel elated, inspired and then come back to your life and slump back down again.

You sometimes find it hard to get out of bed in the morning or find yourself numbing and distracting because it all feels too painful and you don't know how to solve.

You long for greater purpose, connection, meaning

There's such a disconnect between how things are and what your heart yearns for and it hurts!

You're in a job or business you don't really care for anymore.  It feels empty and you want something more meaningful but can't figure out what you should be doing.

You get a panicky feeling of time ticking along and you still haven't figured out what in the world you should be doing with your life, and you don't feel truly happy.

You've been trying to heal yourself for what seems like forever but things just don't seem to improve, no matter what you do.

You're sick and tired of waiting - of things always being in the future, some distant dream of "one day", that never comes.

Insight, clarity, guidance

Find insight, clarity, answers to what's going on for you.

Release old energies, patterns, beliefs that are causing you struggle, lack and stopping you from truly enjoying your life.

Remove blockages to the fulfillment you desire - in your relationships, career, finances, health, life purpose, self-expression.

Be able to skillfully navigate difficult emotions and those events and situations that have kept recurring and causing you pain.

Release people-pleasing, over-giving, living to someone else's agenda and step confidently into your own power, value and self-love.

Be able to know who you truly are, what matters to you and speak and live from this truth, unapologetically.

Unfurl the magnificence of your soul and connect to the unfailing guidance of your intuition.

Find new clarity, new possibilities.

Feel inspired, re-energised, with new self-belief, confidence, encouragement, hope and faith.

Fully identify those desires and dreams you've been holding deep within your heart and find the courage and trust to bring them to life.

One on one spiritually based coaching

Intuitive readings using tarot or oracle cards

Energy healing


Via Skype, Zoom, phone, email or in-person in Bournemouth area.


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