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soul guidance

Physical, emotional, spiritual help.

Helping you move from pain to peace and living from the heart as your true self.

If you’re feeling buffeted about, confused, anxious,angry, powerless to make things better, struggling with feelings of isolation, perhaps wishing you could just burrow your head under the covers and make it all go away, I can offer help.

Caring conversations where I offer spiritual based support and guidance. I know from my own experience how deeply healing and helpful it is when someone just listens to me. The relief of being able to share what’s weighing heavily on my heart. To be able to express what you’re experiencing without someone trying to fix you or make it “better” or change things. To be met where your at, heard and validated can be life changing.

Energy healing can help you calm and settle your nervous system. Along with working with you on an energetic level I can show you things you can do yourself to balance, clear, strengthen and protect yourself on a daily basis.


Is this you?

You find yourself caught up in anxiety and even if you manage to sort one problem it just gets replaced by another.

You feel stuck, at the mercy of outside circumstances. Your mind on over-drive, alerting you to new dangers, grievances and struggles.

You're feeling disillusioned with life as it is, wanting something "more" but not sure how to achieve it.

You're in a job or business you don't enjoy.  It feels empty and you want something more meaningful but can't figure out what you should be doing.

You're feeling tired, trying to figure it all out and the disconnect between how things currently are and what your heart yearns for hurts.

How I help

Learn how to let go of the control of the mind and connect with your soul Self.

Release old patterns, beliefs and energy blockages

Find inner peace

Get relief from constant anxiety, worry, fear, and be able to experience a foundation of greater inner calm and peace

Discover more about who you truly are. Know and understand yourself more deeply.   So you're no longer living according to anyone else's agenda or reality but doing what makes your heart sing.

Complimentary E-book

how to change negative thought patterns

Receive as a gift when you join my newsletter.  

Ten practical suggestions to help you deal with repetitive negative thinking that’s sabotaging your happiness so you're better able to create more of what you want in your life.


"I want to give a shout out to Jill and the calming energy of her amazing newsletter. Seeing it in my inbox put a smile on my face. I immediately felt calmer and knew I could face the challenges of the day." Lisa

Via Skype, Zoom, phone, email or in-person in Bournemouth area.


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