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soul guidance

Be you, be free.

Embrace and express your true self and create a life you love.

Insight, guidance, healing, support.

You suffer with self-doubt, low self-esteem, a lack of self-belief and low confidence. 

You find it hard to make decisions, trust your own judgement and have super critical self-talk.

You worry and over-analyse

You're afraid of rejection and in your efforts to please you feel as though you've lost your sense of self.

You keep attracting unhealthy, unsatisfying, unequal relationships. 

You're afraid to be too visible, speak up or voice your opinion

You're tired of struggling and trying to fix things.

You're in a job or business you don't enjoy.  It feels empty and you want something more meaningful but can't figure out what you should be doing.

You sometimes find it hard to get out of bed in the morning or find yourself numbing and distracting because it all feels too painful.

There's such a disconnect between how things currently are and what your heart yearns for and it hurts!

How I help

Find freedom from the beliefs that are holding you back and causing you struggle and suffering.

Get relief from constant anxiety, worry, fear, and be able to experience a foundation of greater inner calm and peace

Know and understand yourself more deeply, see the truth of who you are so you're no longer living according to anyone else's agenda or reality. Step confidently into your own power, value your own gifts and actually feel happy about yourself.

Be able to find guidance and direction that's right for you.

Energy healing for calm and re-balancing.

Understand what your emotions are all about, how to work with them and how they can strengthen you and create a new reality.

How to handle and diminish that critical voice and instead hear and follow the voice of your soul.

Boost your confidence, self-belief and sense of self-worth

Intuitive readings to tap into what's going on below the surface, access your inner guidance and provide insight, clarity, direction, encouragement.

I have training, experience, qualifications and insurance as a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Reflexologist, Tarot Reader, Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapist, Emotional Connection.

Complimentary E-book

how to change negative thought patterns

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Ten practical suggestions to help you deal with repetitive negative thinking that’s sabotaging your happiness so you're better able to create more of what you want in your life.


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"I want to give a shout out to Jill and the calming energy of her amazing newsletter. Seeing it in my inbox put a smile on my face. I immediately felt calmer and knew I could face the challenges of the day."

Via Skype, Zoom, phone, email or in-person in Bournemouth area.


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