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soul guidance

Physical, emotional, spiritual help.

Helping you move from pain to peace and living from the heart as your true self.

I offer two things:


Support in dealing with chronic physical pain and emotional pain -

being able to move from pain to peace.


Support and guidance in living as your true self and self-sovereignty.


How I help

Learn how to let go of the control of the mind and connect with your soul self.

Get relief from constant anxiety, worry, fear, and be able to experience a foundation of greater inner calm and peace.

Release energy blockages.

Move out of the world of duality and lies and into alignment with divine love. Letting go of all the beliefs and patterns of separation, trauma, suffering and returning to your identity of unconditional love.

Establish a new earth reality  based around living as a spiritual being in a physical body, connected to divinity and embodying those attributes.

All that does not belong to your truth has to come up for it to be let go of. This can be challenging, painful, bewildering when you’re in the middle of it and don’t understand what’s going on.

I can help give you support and tools to navigate. Build inner strength, courage and capacity.

Complimentary E-book

how to change negative thought patterns

Receive as a gift when you join my newsletter.  

Ten practical suggestions to help you deal with repetitive negative thinking that’s sabotaging your happiness so you're better able to create more of what you want in your life.


"I want to give a shout out to Jill and the calming energy of her amazing newsletter. Seeing it in my inbox put a smile on my face. I immediately felt calmer and knew I could face the challenges of the day." Lisa

Via Skype, Zoom, phone, email or in-person in Bournemouth area.


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