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soul guidance

Jill Graham

My personal story.

For many, many years I struggled with life: encountering problems, challenges, difficulties with health, relationships, work, finances... and sometimes everything all at once! And yet I worked sooo hard to change things, so why was this still happening? 

I dealt with multiple chemical sensitivity, health issues, unable to work because of an injury, panic attacks, bullying, a narcissistic relationship, emotional and spiritual abuse, financial issues and letting go of my home. The end of my marriage, health issues and a change to my career catapulted me into the spiritual world and the search to find some peace and make sense of things.


I'm here to support you on your soul's path. To find peace, joy and deep fulfillment as YOU.

I've lived through some tough experiences and challenges and so offer unconditional love, compassion, gentleness, kindness, listening, understanding and sharing all the wisdom and tools I've acquired along the way.

Whether you want some energy healing to help you come back into balance, regain your strength and vitality, clear away what's no longer needed and open the way for wholeness and transformation or an intuitive reading to look at what's going on beneath the surface, illuminate what you can't see, help you with dilemmas and choices, explore your options and possibilities and provide clarity, insight and better understanding of how to move forwards or spiritual based coaching to help you in knowing who you truly are, what your heart and soul yearns for, how to achieve that and how to handle and navigate the struggles and challenges you're encountering then I'm here to help you.


I began reading spiritual books from my local bookstore, followed by joining groups and taking day and weekend workshops. I discovered the 'Law of Attraction' and applied that to my life and yet nothing really changed. I meditated, used affirmations, bought programmes, followed spiritual teachers and yet still things weren't clicking into place. ​

We've been conditioned to keep looking, keep searching, find that partner, that job, even that spiritual practice that will somehow give us what we're missing. All out there somewhere - if we just keep looking hard enough, continue to improve ourselves, grow, reach enlightenment! ​

It was only when I connected with my soul, my true authentic self, that inner essence that is who we really are, that I found peace and things started to fall into place.  Who we are is pure, unconditional love and our true essence, power and guidance resides within us.  I desire to help you reclaim your own personal power and connection to the divine soul that you are so that you can follow your own unique expression and live a happy, authentic inspired life.

I trained in Reiki level I, progressing over the course of several years to 2nd and 3rd degree Reiki and being able to teach it as well as practise it. I then trained as a light touch Reflexologist. I discovered tarot and trained to use it professionally through TABI which provided me with a mentor and lots of opportunities to do free readings in exchange for feedback to develop my skills. Further on I trained as a life coach. Then as an emotional connection facilitator with Raphael Cushnir. I discovered Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and trained as a crystal singing bowl sound healing therapist with Atlantis College.

I also love animals - especially cats! I worked for many years with animals and have done animal healing, and often find that animals come and join in with Reiki sessions with their human 🙂 I have also started doing animal communication, with over 70 sessions now done. I belong to a group where I practise regularly, refining my skills.  You can find out more about what I offer here.

And all along the way I've read, read, read. I love reading and apparently I read much faster than most people 🙂 which means I have been able to read lots and lots of wonderful books and amazing teachers who've helped me enormously.

Through all I was experiencing in my outer world I learned to turn inwards and discover me and my truth. Find out who I am, begin to heal and change how I think and what I believe and feel more comfortable with who I am. Be authentic and stop tying myself into a pretzel trying to please others. I'm what is described as a highly sensitive person; I feel things deeply, am tuned in to atmospheres, sensitive to noise and need space, nature, time to recover from over-stimulating places and activities. I've moved from very low self-esteem to deep love and compassion and knowing that I am enough.  I used to be told "you're too sensitive" and felt like something was wrong with me, I needed to change. Now I see myself as beautifully and perfectly sensitive. Honouring the authentic me and living a self-directed life. treating myself with love, kindness, self-compassion and respect.

I now share all I've learnt and discovered along the way, the insights and teachings that have helped heal me, bring me inner peace, a greater sense of self and love for life. I share my gifts and skills and practical ways to help you get to know your own inner self, the true, real, authentic you.

I'm here to help you as you navigate your soul's path, with whatever twists and turns come. You're not alone. Should you so choose, I'd be delighted to accompany you for however short or long a while.


What I love:

The simple things in life

Being in nature - in the forest, by the sea, in the countryside.

Beautiful sunsets, rainy days, the crispness and promise of spring and the darkness of winter.

Cats - ginger, black, grey, tabby, white, all colours and sizes - beautiful bundles of fur and whiskers

Lizards - the ones that live on the clifftops where I live and that come out to say hello in the summer

Warm sunshine, the sound of rain

Food - organic, natural, bursting with colour and flavours

Colour - bright, pastel, single shades, combinations, all colours

Books, books and more books - libraries, book stores, reading on the beach

Stationery - the feel and texture of the paper, the colours, the feel of pen on paper

Coffee - relaxing and talking with a friend, enjoying company and connection, watching the world.


Jill Graham | find us on Reiki Pages
Holistic life coach, spiritual guide, intuitive, healer, tarot reader | find us on Healthypages

Member of CHISUK


  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Reiki Master Healing & Teaching Certificate
  • Emotional Connection Certificate
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Diploma
  • Reflexology Certificate ABC Awarding Body level 3
  • Emotional Therapy Certificate
  • Animal Welfare and Management NVQ 3
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