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soul guidance

Jill Graham

What matters to me and what I want to offer to you is sincere heart to heart connection and support, kindness and understanding.

Through my personal experience and also through my studies and qualifications I do this through emotional support, pet bereavement support and spiritual support.


Life can be tough! And we're often ill-equipped to deal with it. We might be very good at practical measures, good at thinking but not so practised with emotions or life beyond the physical and the thinking mind.

When life throws a curve ball it can leave us floundering and finding ourselves sinking down with no-one to turn to that really understands what's going on or how to support us.

Having someone there who can compassionately witness and hold space for what's occurring with us provides a life line. It's not about a quick fix, because sometimes things just aren't fixable! But that care and compassion and unconditional love, in its purest sense, a kind word, understanding, space to breathe and process, someone who can walk alongside us for a while, shed light on things, provide a listening ear, can help us gather strength, navigate our way through.

I offer support and wisdom from my life's experiences. I've dealt with multiple chemical sensitivity, health issues, financial issues, estrangement and relationship issues, emotional and spiritual abuse, death and grief of people and pets. I offer pet bereavement support and emotional support for whatever situation you find yourself in.

Through the difficulties I was experiencing in my outer world I learned to turn inwards and discover my spiritual side. Find out who I truly am and change how I think and what I believe and feel more comfortable with who I am. Be authentic and stop tying myself into a pretzel trying to please others. I'm what is described as a highly sensitive person; I feel things deeply, am tuned in to atmospheres, sensitive to noise and need space, nature, time to recover from over-stimulating places and activities. I've moved from very low self-esteem to deep love and compassion and knowing that I am enough.  I used to be told "you're too sensitive" and felt like something was wrong with me, I needed to change. Now I see myself as beautifully and perfectly sensitive. Honouring the authentic me and living a self-directed life. treating myself with love, kindness, self-compassion and respect.

In my professional working life I moved from office work and administration to working with animals and then emotional therapy and healing work.

I worked for many years with animals and have studied and practised animal healing and communication.

What I love:

The simple things in life

Being in nature - in the forest, by the sea, in the countryside.

Beautiful sunsets, rainy days, the crispness and promise of spring and the darkness of winter.

Cats - ginger, black, grey, tabby, white, all colours and sizes - beautiful bundles of fur and whiskers

Lizards - the ones that live on the clifftops where I live and that come out to say hello in the summer

Warm sunshine, the sound of rain

Food - organic, natural, bursting with colour and flavours

Colour - bright, pastel, single shades, combinations, all colours

Books, books and more books - libraries, book stores, reading on the beach

Stationery - the feel and texture of the paper, the colours, the feel of pen on paper

Coffee - relaxing and talking with a friend, enjoying company and connection, watching the world.



  • Diploma Pet Bereavement Counselling
  • NVQ III Animal Welfare & Managment
  • Emotional Connection Certificate
  • Emotional Therapy Certificate
  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Reiki Master Healing & Teaching Certificate
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Diploma
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