Jill Graham


  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Reiki Master Healing & Teaching Certificate
  • Emotional Connection Certificate
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Diploma
  • Reflexology Certificate ABC Awarding Body
  • Emotional TherapyCertificate
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Member of CHISUK

About Me

For many, many years I struggled with life: encountering problems, challenges, difficulties with health, relationships, work, finances... and sometimes everything all at once! And yet I worked sooo hard to change things, so why was this still happening? 

I discovered the 'Law of Attraction' and applied that to my life and yet nothing really changed. I read self-help books, went on courses, meditated, used affirmations, bought programmes, followed spiritual teachers and yet still things weren't clicking into place.

We've been conditioned to keep looking, keep searching, find that partner, that job, even that spiritual practise that will somehow give us what we're missing. All out there somewhere - if we just keep looking hard enough, continue to improve ourselves, grow, reach enlightenment!

It was only when I connected with my soul, my true authentic self, that inner essence that is who we really are, that I found peace and things started to fall into place.  Who we are is pure, unconditional love and our true essence, power and guidance resides within us.  I desire to help you reclaim your own personal power and connection to the divine soul that you are so that you can follow your own unique expression and live a happy, authentic inspired life.

What I love:

The simple things in life

Being in nature - in the forest, by the sea, in the countryside.

Beautiful sunsets, rainy days, the crispness and promise of spring and the darkness of winter.

Cats - ginger, black, grey, tabby, white, all colours and sizes - beautiful bundles of fur and whiskers

Lizards - the ones that live on the clifftops where I live and that come out to say hello in the summer

Warm sun

Fresh air

Food - organic, natural, bursting with colour and flavours

Colour - bright, pastel, single shades, combined

Books, books and more books - libraries, book stores, reading on the beach

Stationery - the feel and texture of the paper, the colours, the feel of pen on paper

Crystals - I create bracelets with crystals and use crystal singing bowls in my work


Ready to find out more?

If you think I might be able to help you then just message me.