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action and stillness

Action and Stillness

Have you ever noticed that when things in our life don’t look how we want or how we think they should, we feel unhappy, anxious, fearful and uncomfortable. When it looks like “nothing’s happening” and we feel frustrated or stuck or things aren’t panning out according to plan then what tends to happen is that we feel the urge to work harder, to try to figure out what we can do to change things.  We think that if we only do more, do better, that things will be better, we’ll get the result we’re looking for.  That the more we do, the harder we work, the more we’ll achieve.  We tell ourselves that things need to be “this” way, that this is how it’s meant to look.  It isn’t and doesn’t so therefore I must be doing something wrong and therefore I need to work to fix it. Things will fall apart if I don’t do this, or this, or this….

Yet what if there’s another way?  You might have become over-reliant on your head as your guide and compass.  What if the next time that you notice that your head is busy, busy, busy with thoughts bombarding you, that you just pause.  Take a momentary break. And check in with your heart.   You could bring your attention to your heart area and simply be present there, feeling into it. Not trying to do anything in particular, just connecting with that part of you.  Sometimes we forget our heart.  We forget the stillness, because we’re so busy trying to control things.  Just be aware of whatever you then notice and simply be with it in openness and stillness.

There will be times when you need to just be;  not rushing around doing.  Notice if you tend to define or value yourself by what you do or if you feel you always need to be getting somewhere, progressing and it feels uncomfortable or not ok to just be. Realise that it’s ok to not know the next step. There’s a time for action and a time for stillness.  The in-between time is as valuable as the there point. The pause between the notes is as much part of the music as the notes. It’s not one and not the other. Not action or stillness. It’s both. Just knowing when each is appropriate and not fighting the being part.  And often, following the stillness, you find that the next right step and action comes to you, without struggle or needing to analyze it. 

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