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blessings in disguise

Blessings in Disguise

The saying “a blessing in disguise” is very familiar and you’ve probably used it when something seemingly “bad” happened to you but which later on you saw that something “good” happened as a result.  

But I began wondering….what if everything really is a blessing?  

We find it easy to see obvious blessings, such as when something nice happens – a fun time with friends, a lucky opportunity coming our way, a lift when we need one, a beautiful relationship, a glorious sunset – but we don’t readily see blessings in what we consider undesirable things, challenging situations, difficult emotions etc.

So what might happen to our experience with life if we deliberately chose to see everything as a blessing?  So even if we can’t see what the blessing is, to choose to believe that there is one.  And what might happen if we steadfastly stick with that, see what different ways of looking at things we can find and what might be possible and see what happens.

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