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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: confusing yourself with thinking

We've got so used to living from our heads and our thinking that we've confused ourselves with our minds; basing our perceptions and beliefs and actions around what our mind tells us.  And when we live like this we don't even realise that this is happening!

How much time do you spend in your day at your computer, your mobile phone, reading, talking?  How much of your day do you have thoughts running through your head?  Talking to you about what happened yesterday, what you think about so and so and what's going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month.  And how much of your day are you aware of your body?  Or your soul essence? How much time do you spend in nature, with yourself in peace and quiet?

When our minds are so busy, busy, busy we can find ourselves disconnected from the world around us, not seeing what's in front of us, missing out on the sights, smells, sounds around us.  Not really seeing or noticing our fellow human beings but living in a little bubble of separation, intent on what we "need" to accomplish and fretting and worrying.  We find ourselves at the next place we need to be with no clear recollection of how we got there or anything along the way. We live a version of life that's going on in our head, losing touch with experiencing life through the senses of our body.

Simply pausing every now and then during your day, being aware of your breath coming in and out of your body and choosing to loosen your thinking, let go for a little while can help to shift your awareness and perception. You might be surprised by how your experience of life changes, how much more peace and flow you feel and how much more connected you feel with your true self and encountering so much more joy and aliveness.


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