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Creating greater happiness

Relax into life – you are enough.

You are valuable simply because you exist. You don’t need to prove it or do anything. It’s not about your job, your role, your achievements. You don’t have to earn it or try to get there. You are enough. Babies and pets don’t have to earn their worth. They don’t get deprived of food or…

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Manifest the life you want.

Many people today have heard about the “Law of Attraction”, about manifesting and yet how many of us can truly say that we have the life that we want? So if there is lots of information out there about how to manifest the life you want then why do so many people struggle and seem…

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Oracle card guidance week 10th June

oracle card guidance readings

The oracle card guidance for this week, beginning 10th June comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck.  The card is: “Co-create” Know that you’re part of divine Source.  There is a spark within you that is more than the physical body, more than the conscious mind. If you know yourself as mind,…

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Living your best possible life with a simple but strong technique

living a life you desire

If you want to be living your best possible life and make it as easy as possible then I’ve discovered this simple but strong technique to be very effective.  It helps with creating inner strength and confidence and being able to create the life your heart most truly desires. It’s essential for letting go of…

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The devastating effect of criticism on your life

Criticism can have a devastating effect on your life. If you were raised in a household where criticism and negative remarks were the norm then you’ll likely have grown up with poor self-esteem, self-belief, self- worth and not enjoying the happiness and success you’d truly like. “Don’t” …. do that, feel that, think that, be…

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Keys to a happy successful life

keys to a happy successful life

I believe there are four keys to a happy and successful life:   Live in the present. Take time to connect to your inner self. Let love be your guide Be consistent with the above and practise daily. You may think the list is short, or simplistic. What about exercise, nutrition, meditation, self-development? Yes, those…

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Finding joy and fulfillment

joy and fulfillment

Today I’ve been pondering on joy and fulfillment and how to find it. It was inspired by a blog post I read whose author was feeling a bit flat and low and finding their thoughts wandering towards gloominess because things they’d been doing were coming to an end and they were no longer fully occupied…

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