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Oracle card reading 17th December

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This week’s oracle card reading was done drawing a card from the “Enchanted Map” deck by Colette Baron Reid. The card was: Sacred Pool The world that you see and that feels most real to you is one that reflects back at you what you’re thinking, feeling, believing deep down inside. This oracle card actually came…

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Tarot reading week of 10th December

The tarot reading for this week drew the “Six of Pentacles” from the Druidcraft deck of tarot cards. The message is about giving – which feels very apt given the time of year 🙂 The card shows a man giving money to the outstretched arms before him. He doesn’t look like someone that you would…

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Weekly spiritual message

This week’s spiritual message and guidance is about unlocking our potential. Where have you been holding back? Is there something that you long to do but it’s been hidden away inside you? Is there some part of you that’s not expressed, that’s suppressed – maybe out of fear or lack of confidence or belief? We’re…

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Tarot reading 26th November

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The tarot reading for week of 26th November comes from Colette Baron Reid’s “Enchanted Map” deck and is ‘Details, Details’. How do you solve your problems? How do you deal with the issues facing you right now? How in the world do you change things and find your ways forwards? It’s like you’ve been frantically…

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Free tarot reading week 19th November

free tarot readings

The free tarot reading for this week was done using the “Everyday Witch”tarot and the card drawn was the ‘High Priestess’ You may be searching for answers right now and feeling like you’re not finding them. You may be feeling overwhelmed. It’s like there’s too much information. You may be receiving information from professionals and experts in their…

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Oracle card reading 12th November

free oracle card readings

This week’s oracle card reading was done using Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ deck. The card drawn was “The Tribe”. The message is about connection and belonging. Notice that the card number is 8. The figure 8 is inter-connected and flowing. It looks like there is no beginning and no end. It can also…

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Oracle card reading 5th November

free weekly oracle card readings

The oracle card reading for this week, beginning 5th November, comes from Colette Baron-Reid’s ‘Enchanted Map‘ deck and the card is ‘Flying’. The message is about detaching from your circumstances and taking a higher perspective in order to be able to resolve any issues you’re currently facing. It reminds me of the saying “you can’t…

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Tarot reading 29th October

free weekly tarot readings

The tarot reading for this week was done using the “Everyday Witch” tarot deck and the card is the Eight of Pentacles. You’re not quite there yet. But don’t worry. You will be.  It’s simply a matter of more things needing to fall into place and to be done. It requires action on your part.…

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Oracle card reading 15th October

oracle card guidance readings

This week’s oracle card reading is all about your identify and how you see yourself. The card drawn is “Orphaned” from Colette Baron-Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck. Do you feel like who you really are is hidden or suppressed? As though there are precious parts of you that aren’t able to be seen. It’s…

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Tarot reading 8th October

weekly free tarot readings

The tarot reading message for this week comes from the “Everyday Witch” tarot deck. The card is the “Ace of Wands”. Time to get things going. All that preparation work. All that healing work. All the things that you’ve been dealing with and sorting through are now ready to come together. So gather together your…

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