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Relax into life – you are enough.

You are valuable simply because you exist. You don’t need to prove it or do anything. It’s not about your job, your role, your achievements. You don’t have to earn it or try to get there. You are enough. Babies and pets don’t have to earn their worth. They don’t get deprived of food or…

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Living your best possible life with a simple but strong technique

living a life you desire

If you want to be living your best possible life and make it as easy as possible then I’ve discovered this simple but strong technique to be very effective.  It helps with creating inner strength and confidence and being able to create the life your heart most truly desires. It’s essential for letting go of…

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The devastating effect of criticism on your life

Criticism can have a devastating effect on your life. If you were raised in a household where criticism and negative remarks were the norm then you’ll likely have grown up with poor self-esteem, self-belief, self- worth and not enjoying the happiness and success you’d truly like. “Don’t” …. do that, feel that, think that, be…

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