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Soul guidance

Weekly tarot reading 7th October

The weekly tarot reading for 7th October to 13th October comes from the Everyday Witch tarot deck. The card is: “Death” Time to let go. In order to bring in the new you need to let go of the old. You may been feeling reluctant or scared to do so. Sometimes it can be hard…

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Spiritual guidance oracle card reading 17th June

I’ve drawn today’s card from the ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck by Colette Baron Reid for this week’s spiritual guidance oracle card reading.   The card is “Yin” and it came out in the reversed or protection position. Let yourself receive and be open and receptive to your inner guidance. Be wary of rushing into…

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Tarot guidance week 20th May

free weekly tarot guidance

  This week’s tarot guidance comes from the ‘Everyday Witch‘ tarot deck and the card that I drew was the : “Two of Swords” Right now you’re faced with a choice. You can either make a conscious choice or a subconscious choice. A deliberate choice or a passive choice. So you can decide what you…

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Release worry

release worry

Do you long to be able to release worry and fear? Are you feeling immoblised and hindered by worry? Like it’s your constant companion. You may escape for a few moments, but by and large you seem to spend large amounts of your day in the grip of fear. You feel that knot in your…

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When things fall apart

daily inspiration for a happier life

When things fall apart it can feel like your whole world’s collapsing. Everything familiar starts to crumble or it even vanishes in an instant. It can feel scary. Extremely unpleasant. Unsafe. You get that knot in your stomach, tightness in the shoulders, not able to eat or sleep properly. Feeling anxious, tense, mind on over-drive…

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Living your best possible life with a simple but strong technique

living a life you desire

If you want to be living your best possible life and make it as easy as possible then I’ve discovered this simple but strong technique to be very effective.  It helps with creating inner strength and confidence and being able to create the life your heart most truly desires. It’s essential for letting go of…

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Oracle card reading week 6th May

free weekly oracle card reading

This week’s oracle card reading comes from ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck by Colette Baron Reid.  The card is: “Higher Power” Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re more than a body. You’re mind, body and soul as one unit. You’re so much more than just this one physical body, having to make things…

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What are tarot readings all about?

what are tarot readings all about

What are tarot readings all about? There can be some confusion about what tarot readings actually do, what psychic readings are, what intuitive readings are. I use tarot as a tool of insight. To help you get in touch with your inner guidance, the wisdom and direction of your soul. To provide insight, clarity and…

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Tarot guidance week 8th April 2019

free tarot guidance

This week’s tarot guidance comes from the ‘Everyday Witch’ tarot deck. The card drawn was “The Fool” Is it time to make a complete change? Is there something that your heart’s been longing for and it hasn’t happened?  Has your heart been feeling rather weary? Your life’s ok on the surface but on a deeper…

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The importance of soul guidance

What is the importance of soul guidance?  Why do I help people with this and in the way that I do? Why does it matter? Soul guidance means you’re in charge of your own life. Your essential self, your soul, is the one living and handling your life.  You are the creator rather than the…

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