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choosing love

Choosing Love

We forget that our true nature IS love. It’s just got covered in a load of gunk (thoughts, beliefs, others’ opinions, emotions, stories, the past) so we don’t see it clearly and forget how to be it. We can choose love. It’s not something that we have to wait to get or give only to those people or circumstances that we like. Realising that it’s there inside of us all the time and as we let it emerge it changes our world.

As “A Course in Miracles” says, everything is either love or a call for love.  If love isn’t present, is absent, then something else has taken precedence and is showing itself. In the moment we realise that we can choose our response.  

If anger or hatred or fear is showing then we can engage with that and thereby reinforce and strengthen that or we can choose to remember love.  That doesn’t mean that we deny those other emotions or make ourselves wrong for feeling them.  Shutting them down and out will only surpress them and perpetuate them.   It also doesn’t mean acting out on those emotions.  So if anger comes up it doesn’t mean venting it on another individual.  

We can learn and choose to acknowledge what’s coming up and be present with it.  In this way it can serve us and help us rather than dictating to us and influencing what transpires.  Choosing to remember that our true nature is love.  Even one moment of pausing, slowing and choosing to connect with our heart.  

What would love have me know here? That will change everything. Maybe not immediately and maybe not in some grand noticeable in your face kind of way but it will put change in motion, it will affect things.  The proof of it is in the doing.  

When you make a conscious choice and then look and notice what transpires you can see a link between cause and effect and can see for yourself what results your choices bring.

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