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Spiritual guidance

This is for you if:

You're tired of struggling and what you've been doing isn't working.

Maybe you've been following the Law of Attraction, using affirmations, visualisation, meditation, healings, to try and change your life. You've read books, gone to workshops, done what you've been told.

Yet change, if any, is fleeting.

You want to live in a world of caring, compassion, freedom, truly knowing peace and experiencing joy and beauty in life.

How I help:

You are more than just a body. You're not the roles you fill, the labels others put on you. If you're experiencing struggle, restriction, limitation then it's an indication that something is ready to change! It's a beautiful indication to start looking inwards and unraveling all that's causing you suffering.

I help you in letting go of all that is not you. All those beliefs you've acquired since the day you were born that are creating this life that you're not enjoying. In order to experience your new reality you have to be able to unravel all the lies, bs, indoctrination that you’ve been fed since birth.

I'm not going to fill your head with more knowledge, more systems, more rules, more how-tos.

Instead I support you in finding your own inner self and knowing, connecting with the authority and guidance of your true self and listening to her and living as her. It's about remembering and uncovering who you are, how you want to live, what you want to create, experience.


It's not a quick fix. Not a case of repeating affirmations or tapping for a few sessions and you'll be rid of some problem.  It's not about visualising or using mental willpower to change what you don't like or acquire what you desire.

It's much deeper and fundamental. It's a new way of life: Living as the true you. I support you with what you encounter as you're living your life, untangling any issues causing difficulty and returning you to your own truth and self.


What you can expect:

It's not a one size fits all - follow this system and this will be the outcome - fixed programme.  It's individual to you. It's about long-term, deeper transformation and that doesn't happen in one session 🙂 I find that people get better results with this kind of work over a few months or more, but it all depends on your individual situation. I offer advice, information, support, hope, encouragement, building strong foundations.

My vision for you

is for you to live as your true self.

Able to express all of who you are, to be free of all false beliefs that don't serve you.

Confident in your ability to navigate your life, to deal with all that arises, to know what's true for you and what isn't.

To feel strong and secure within, no matter what's happening in the external.

To enjoy your relationships, health, work.

Having unconditional love for yourself and compassion and caring for all.

Live as the spiritual self you are.

Come home to yourself. Set yourself free. Live as who you truly are.

Arranging a Session

If you'd like to arrange a session then simply use the button below to contact me. I work mainly Mon-Fri 8.30 to 5.00 (UK based).

How I help you:

Identify and let go of the thoughts and beliefs that are causing you struggle.

Understand what your emotions are, how they actually help you and be able to process them in the most helpful way for you.

Connect with and get to know your own soul, trusting your inner guidance and intuition, able to differentiate between the voice of your soul and your mind and be confident about what's right for you.

Energy clearing, aligning and strengthening. Simple practices to establish your own boundaries and support you.

Practical tools and practices to assist you in your day to day life.

Clarity about what you want, what's important to you, being able to bring your dreams and desires to life.

Have a new understanding, acceptance, trust and confidence in yourself.  Able to come from a place of inner peace, strength, feeling clearer, lighter, more energized, inspired, encouraged.

Insight, understanding, guidance, support.

Individual support and guidance sessions.

via Zoom, Skype, phone.


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