Crystal Singing Bowl Sound & Vibrational Healing

Sound waves and vibrations from crystal singing bowls can help you reach a place where healing and change happen more easily, blockages can dissolve and transformation takes place, without having to try or effort.

Private 1:1 Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Sessions:

See below for more details and how to book.


Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Group:

If you'd be interested in joining a small weekly group in the Bournemouth area for an opportunity to experience the healing sounds and vibrations of these bowls -and make new friends - then let me know as I'd like to re-establish a small group.


The sound and vibrations from a crystal singing bowl can help you reach deep quietness and relaxation of your body, mind, thoughts and emotions.

It can change your brainwave patterns:

  • Most of the time we're in beta - which is when we're actively engaged in the physical, outer world and doing things.
  • When our brainwaves slow down we move into alpha which is more of an inward focus, the world of our imagination.
  • As we go deeper into relaxation we reach theta which is the state between sleep and wakefulness, when the body is slowed right down but you're still conscious and awake. It's the place beyond the analytical mind and between the conscious and subconscious and the place where change can take place more easily and effectively. It also helps you to connect in beyond your body and small self to the infinite, something more than your individual and separate physical form where solutions exist that the mind is unaware of.

How can crystal singing bowls help?

Sound is vibration and energy. The sound and vibrations from the crystal singing bowls aren't just heard with the ears but they're felt in the body.

Our bodies are crystalline in structure and the sounds and vibrations from the crystal bowls can touch all our cells and resonate with them. They act by a process of entrainment - which is when a second object comes into resonance with a first. What this means is that they can help to transform anything that's out of balance - such as our emotions or negative or stuck energy - and bring it back into harmony.

When we're out of balance or stressed then we start to feel unwell, life becomes more of a struggle and what may start off as difficulty or discomfort in one part of our life can then spread to other areas. If all our energy is going to dealing with what's "wrong" then we can become more tense, constricted, less able to flow or find solutions.

When we're in a state of relaxation then the body is more able to heal itself, emotions resolve, perceptions open and life generally gets easier.

I've found crystal singing bowls a wonderful way to achieve this relaxation without having to force it or struggle.

I believe that the sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls also help strengthen our heart connection with our own true essence, our inner self and higher spiritual consciousness.

Arrange your session

Crystal singing bowl distant sound healing therapy sessions are available via Skype or I can record your session and send it to you.

Cost is £44.00.

In-person sessions available in the Bournemouth area. Also a crystal singing bowl meditation group. Please contact me to schedule a session or for any enquiries.

What's special about the crystal singing bowls I use?

The bowls I've chosen to work with are a trinity of Alchemy crystal singing bowls. When I first saw them I felt they emanated a beautiful energy. When I heard them I was held by the incredibly rich, powerful tones. I've heard other crystal singing bowls, which sound lovely, but for me there is a distinct difference in sound and quality: it's not about them being "better" than, but simply the richness of energy, sound and vibration. These are full of overtones and the notes can be both heard and felt in the body, continuing long after the last notes have faded away.

They are individually created, rather than mass produced, using the highest quality quartz crystal combined with precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones or minerals so each bowl holds the energy and vibrations of not just the quartz, but the gemstones and minerals and the wonderful colours that are produced. They are musical instruments, each created and born with its own individual note, tone and attributes.

The ones I've chosen all work in harmony together and felt to call to me to work with them. They combine notes encompassing the entire body and chakra system and specifically concerned with living from the heart and connecting with our inner essence and speaking and being in our own power and truth.

Grandmother Phi Alchemy crystal singing bowl

Alchemy Grandmother crystal singing bowlThis beautiful bowl is quartz crystal infused with iron. The Grandmother bowl encompasses the crone aspect of the triple goddess: an accumulation and celebration of wisdom, love, caring, strength, courage, power, understanding, transformation and regeneration.

The measurements and design of the bowl correspond with the phi ratio. This is referred to as the golden ratio, the ultimate proportion for bringing complete balance and harmony. Phi is found throughout nature and it is believed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was designed around this number in order to resonate with exalted energy fields and enhance the vibration of anyone who entered. The phi ratio is a powerful number believed to stimulate our healing processes and give physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

My bowl is tuned to the note of C# which is associated with our base chakra and has a deep tone which resonates long after the note has sounded.

Rose Quartz Alchemy crystal singing bowl

rose crystal singing bowlThis bowl is made from rose quartz and is a soft shade of blush pink rather like the soft glow of the sun as it starts to rise. It's a bowl of the heart for emotional healing and transformation.

Rose quartz is associated with universal, unconditional love; gentle, calming, soothing, nurturing for opening and purifying the heart, dispelling negativity, anger, resentment, stress, trauma, fear and encouraging self-love, worth, forgiveness, acceptance and peace. A lovely crystal to work on your deep inner healing.

This bowl is tuned to the note of F# which is for the high heart/thymus area. This is associated with our immune system and the balance and harmony of our being. It's also the seat of our soul, connecting us to higher consciousness. Both the note and the crystal combine to assist with living from the heart and our true essence.

Ocean Gold Alchemy crystal singing bowl

ocean gold alchemy crystal singing bowlThis bowl is opaque, a beautiful sea green/blue with irridescent flashes of pink. It's a mixture of pure quartz crystal and gold.

Gold is sometimes referred to as a "master healer" and is believed to be able to clear away negativity on all levels and purify our energy. It is associated with balancing, stablizing, easing tension, strengthening, helping to renew and encourage the realization of our potential. It is also believed to help activate the third eye chakra.

This bowl is tuned to the musical note of "A" which is also linked to our third eye or brow chakra. This is associated with our intuition, perception, clear knowing and understanding.

The energy of this bowl feels joyful and playful and is a lovely bowl for all forms of communication and flow.

Pauline Esson

Leadership Coach. UK

I noticed positive changes from the first session. I noticed spells of feeling really happy, laughing and enjoying myself and realised that this was unusual… having gone through a very tense and stressful time I had been living in an almost permanent state of low level anxiety and couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt completely relaxed and without that tension. Despite the circumstances being the same, somehow I had dropped the tension.  In addition to this, which was delightful enough, I also noticed I was more open and could see possibilities, I thought of ways to do things when I had been at a loss before.  Another change I noticed was I became irritated by things that I had become complacent about and had been tolerating without seeing what I could do to change them. It was as if my need for things to be better had been re-awakened. I would have no hesitation in recommending crystal healing bowl sessions with Jill. “ 


EFT Coach. USA

“I highly enjoyed my crystal bowl Skype sessions with Jill . Jill has a lovely manner that makes you feel at ease, and the bowls were soothing and refreshing. I felt they added to my overall health and emotional balance. Thank you, Jill.”


Reflexologist, UK

"I found Jill to be a very down to earth and calming person. I felt comfortable in her company. I think she is very attentive and astute. I noticed that during conversation, she listens carefully; accurately assessing what I had to say. In response, she was able to provide insightful and intuitive feedback, which was helpful and beneficial to me. The crystal singing bowls that Jill used were lovely. They were clear and powerful, and very pleasant to listen to. I found that the sounds could not only be heard, but the vibrations could also be felt in my body.  The sessions were calming and relaxing and I feel that the sound healing has been of benefit to me and the sessions helped to bring certain issues to light" 

Sound healing with crystal singing bowls is a complementary therapy and is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  It addresses and supports you as a whole person and not any particular ailment or issue.  It does not claim to diagnose, treat, heal or cure any health conditions and you are advised to consult with your doctor or appropriate practitioner about any medical condition as appropriate. There can be no guarantees of any specific results.  Our bodies are naturally self-healing.  Sound healing has the ability to enable us to come back into our natural rhythm.

Please only listen to the crystal bowls when you’re not doing anything else such as driving and are free from distractions.