Daily Inspiration

Messages of encouragement, hope, courage, energy.

I love the word "inspiration" because it combines meanings:

Inspiration means breathing in - which we need to do to stay alive! The word is also about motivation, stimulation, insight, revelation and enthusiasm. For me, inspiration is about breathing in spirit or soul, our true essence.  It's the breath of life itself.

It's easy to get lost in life, bogged down by "stuff", adversely affected by what's going on around us, situations we're in, health concerns, financial worries, relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, feeling powerless or hopeless. We get pulled away from our true self.

I decided to create these message of daily inspiration to help me and you to return to our core, to feel more confident, have belief and open to fresh ideas, new possibilities.

Words have energy, vibration.

Colour has energy, vibration.

Sound has energy, vibration.

Words, colour, sound all have the ability to affect our individual and collective vibrational energy.

Notice how certain words, music, sound, colours make you feel light or heavy. You may feel weighed down, stuck, lacking energy or uplifted or like anything's possible and bursting with energy. When energy is light and flowing it's easier to connect to our true essence. It's easier to feel more relaxed, at peace, centred and it's from this place that we create.  It becomes possible and easier to create what you want in life and reach that place where you truly do enjoy your life.

There is one for each week which I then use for daily inspiration and contemplation. Hope you enjoy too.


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This week's inspiration

John O'Donahue love quote

January 1st - 7th

dreams come true

January 8th - 14th

life is never stuck

January 15th - 21st

impossible is just an option daily inspiration

January 22nd - 28th   

inspirational quotes

January 29th - February 4th

my favourite day daily inspiration

February 5th - 11th

inspirational quote to help you reach your goals

February 12th - 18th

motivational quote for reaching your dreams

February 19th - 25th

inspirational words on how to change your world

February 26th - March 4th

inspirational quote on being yourself

March 5th - 11th

inspirational quotes for a happier life

March 12th - 18th

inspirational quote on moving forward in life to achieve your dreams

March 19th - 25th

_Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence._ Alan Watts

March 26th - April 1st

the way you treat yourself quote

April 2nd - 8th

inspirational quotes for a happier life

April 9th - 15th

maturity is learning to walk away buddha quote

April 16th - 22nd

_The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear._ Rumi

April 23rd - 30th

_The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new._ Socrates

May 1st - 7th

_Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. _ Brene Brown

May 8th - 14th

daily inspirational quotes for a happy life

May 15th - 21st

daily inspiration for a happy life

May 22nd - 28th

positive inspiration quote

May 29th - June 4th

Blame, criticism, _wronging_ yourself or another doesn't solve or fix anything....may the words from your lips be focused on creating that which your heart truly wishes to see.

June 5th - 11th

inspirational quote for creating a life you love

June 12th - 18th

daily inspirational quote

June 19th - 25th

inspirational quote

June 26th - July 2nd

inspirational quote

July 3rd - 9th

john o'donohue your soul quote

July 10th - 16th

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.” David R. Hawkins

July 17th - 23rd

love quotation emmett fox

July 24th - 30th

i always prefer to believe the best of everybody. rudyard kipling quote

July 31st - August 6th

daily inspiration quote

August 7th - 13th

_Worrying does not empty TOMORROW of its troubles. It empties today of its strength_. Mary Engelbreit

August 14th - 20th

write a new story quote jill graham

August 21st - 27th

www.JillGraham.net (2)

August 28th - September 3rd

Robert Louis Stevenson inspirational quotation

September 4th - 10th

John O'Donahue love quote

September 11th - 17th

most humans are never fully present in the now eckhart tolle quote

September 18th - 24th

Within you lies a power far greater than any seeming problem or obstacle.

September 25th - October 1st

those emotions that you'll do anything to avoid

October 2nd - 8th

inspirational quote for living a life you love

October 9th - 15th

inspiration for a happier life

October 16th - 22nd

inspirational quote by Sai Baba

October 17th - 29th

when other people provoke reaction in you

November 6th - 12th

consciousness quote d h lawrence

November 13th - 19th

inspirational quote - the music of stillness and being

November 20th - 26th

self care image

November 27th - 3rd

inspirational quote about peace and the soul

December 4th - 10th

inspirational Buddha quote

December 11th - 17th

_You've been criticising yourself for year and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. _Louise Hay

December 18th - 24th

-The words you speak become the house you live in- Hafiz

December 25th - 31st

inspirational Wayne Dyer quote about who we truly are