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Emotional Support 

My intention with these sessions is to create a loving, private, compassionate space to support you in navigating and handling painful, difficult, challenging emotions and situations that you're experiencing. 

If you're finding your life full of overwhelm, challenge, over-stimulation or just plain challenging then I offer a no agenda space of heart to heart connection and support. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. Someone who will listen and truly hear what we're saying. I offer that listening ear and compassionate validation. I can also help you in understanding more about your emotions and show you ways to handle them.


When painful emotions arise we’ll do anything not to feel them.

Sadness, grief, anger, despair, anxiety, fear, jealousy and even numbness - when it feels like you can't feel - can be scary and overwhelming.

We shut them down, try to escape them, distract ourselves, eat, drink, maybe take medication or other drugs, try to comfort ourselves with our mind and figure it out. But it doesn’t work.

You can't "think" or rationalize or talk yourself out of emotions and sheer will-power is ineffective

Added to which, our past experiences where our emotional energy wasn't able to flow have built up and got stuck inside the body and we have a back log of pressure wanting to release.

The only way to stop the pain is to be able to be with your feelings. To let them arise without trying to control them, stop them, change them or make them go away.

That may be for a few seconds, a few minutes, an hour, longer. Ask yourself “can I be with this?” “Just now, in this moment, can I sit with this, even though it’s painful, uncomfortable, scary. Can I acknowledge it, even for a moment,?”

Emotions need to be experienced at the energy level. Ignoring the thoughts, the mind’s attempts to figure out a solution, interpreting a meaning, labelling, judging, resisting.  When we do this it allows the energy that’s behind the emotions to start to flow. And it also starts to decompress the build up of energy from the past.

I have personal experience and understanding of:

CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder)

Family estrangement

Emotional neglect and emotional abuse

Nervous system disregulation

Being highly sensitive to noise, environment, feeling deeply




Panic attacks

Relationship breakdown

Emotional aspect of chronic physical pain

Schedule your emotional support session

Available via Zoom, Skype, phone

Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00 GMT

Some Saturday slots available

Sessions are 1 hour

cost: £35.00

These emotional support sessions came about because of my own experience of deeply painful situations and traumas and no-one to talk to who was able to be fully present or truly listen, let alone help me find ways to understand or handle all the emotions arising. 

Formally I have a certificate in Emotional Connection with Raphael Cushnir and a Certificate in Emotional Therapy.  Along with a lifetime of experience, high sensitivity and compassion and skills of compassionate witnessing, intuition and deep caring. 

emotional support

"Emotion is the chief source of all becoming conscious.  There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion."  Carl Jung.

Read what clients have to say:

"Jill's practice of Emotional Connection counseling is an easy gentle loving experience. She is kind, warm and caring. I personally recommend her. Thanks Jill! You're the best, can't wait to speak with you again, tomorrow!" LM.

"I did some emotional connection work with Jill through skype and found her sessions to be very effective! She taught me how to let negative emotions change by themselves through awareness which was a new way for me to work with my negative emotions and which produced amazing results! Jill took the time to listen to me and really understand me. If you want to work with any unwanted emotions I'd definitely recommend Jill!" LT.

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