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Free weekly card reading 15th July

The free weekly card reading for this week of 15th July comes from ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ by Colette Baron Reid.

The card that I drew is:

free weeklyoracle card readings“Soul Mates”

It looks like your wishes are about to come true.

You’ve been longing for companionship, relationship,  partnership, someone to walk alongside you and share things with.

Now is time for that relationship and person to enter your life.

It might be a romantic relationship, a friendship or a business  relationship. Whatever it is that you most need right now.

You’re at the place where you’ve done much ‘work’ on yourself. You’ve done the internal cleansing and growth that’s been needed and got much much clearer about who you are, what your purpose is and what your heart most longs for.

Now is the time for you to be joined by another. You are finally ready to get the support that you need. It probably feels like a welcome relief!

You may have been feeling completely alone. Maybe even abandoned. Like you have to do everything yourself. And it’s felt tiring.  Someone else now enters the picture and doors begin to open that you’ve been dreaming about.

Whoever it is that enters your life it’ll feel like coming home. You’ll feel like you’ve known them longer than you have and you’ll share a similar vision and have the same values.  You’ll be able to co-create together and the relationship will be a mutually beneficial one.

You’re ready to begin a new phase in your life. New opportunities are there for you.  It feels like a huge sigh of relief and enormous, heartfelt gratitude.

There’s no need to go searching. Just be yourself. And when the time is right it’ll simply be.

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