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Do you wish you could get out of overwhelm and lose that feeling of panic or frozen?  You’ve got so much to do that you don’t know what to do first and so you end up shutting down and doing nothing.  You’re not happy with your current situation but you’ve got so much noise going on in your head that you can’t think straight and have no idea what step you should take next.

Overwhelm can be horribly debilitating and leave you feeling stuck and shut down. If you’re experiencing it at the moment then notice how your body feels. Do you have that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach? Is it all clenched and tight in there? What about your chest area? Again, notice if there’s tightness around there or any other sensations. What about your head? Does it feel muggy? You’ve got a headache and feel tired.

How do you handle this feeling of overwhelm? Maybe you move between all the various tasks you feel you need to do, working as fast as you can or dipping in a bit here and a bit there. All the while your heart racing and your shoulders tight and hunched.

You get distracted whilst you’re on social media. You start out with a task to do for your business but then notice a post that you want to respond to and then you notice time has flown by and you haven’t really done what you wanted to do and so you end up feeling more overwhelmed than before.

You can’t decide what next step to take. You’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled where you are but for the life of you you can’t figure out exactly what’s “wrong”, why you’re feeling blocked or stuck and therefore you don’t know how to change it. It all whirls round constantly and you end up doing things to distract yourself and escape the feeling of overwhelm.

So how can you find some ease with this?

Firstly, simple though it may sound, breathe. This immediately takes you out of the mind and into the body and helps to connect the two. Simply focusing on your breathing for say a count of 3 or 4 on the inhale and the same on the outhale can help to bring calm. When I do this I can feel my shoulders relax, I notice the slowing of my heart rate, the easing of the tension in my body.

Develop some sort of a routine or practice that’s going to help you. By this I mean having some sort of focus so that you’re not distracted, you don’t let your mind take over. If you’re someone who likes to keep a diary then schedule time in. If you use your phone then set an alarm and a reminder. I like to use bits of paper, post-it notes. I like the colour and visual reminder.

First thing on waking taking time, even 5 minutes, for you. To connect inwards. Even if that is simply breathing in and out. Decide on what’s most important that you need to do today so that you have specific tasks that you can focus on. Identify what habits you have that contribute to feeling overwhelm. Perhaps it’s constantly checking your phone or computer or emails. Then decide on a time when you’ll do this and don’t simply end up doing it all day long. And yes, it’s a decision to make. Something that you choose over and over again.

Take time in nature or outdoors.  This can help in many different ways. Simply having a change of scenery, walking changes your energy. Again, this is something I’ve had to diary in for myself as important. Just as important as all the other tasks I have to do.

For me, the most helpful has been a mixture of getting outdoors and regularly focusing in on my breath and breathing up and down my body. After all, having too many practices to get out of overwhelm only leads to more overwhelm!! 🙂

Remember, overwhelm tends to occur when we’re out of balance between body, mind, soul. usually the mind has taken the lead. So focus on soul, focus on body and you will feel your energy flowing again and more peace and ease occuring.


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