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How to find clarity

Are you struggling with something right now that you just wish you could find clarity around?

finding clarityMaybe it’s a change of career that you’re contemplating. You might be in a job that feels like it’s been sucking the life out of you and you’re just not happy there.  Perhaps you’re considering going self-employed and setting up your own business but you aren’t sure what your “niche” is or what path to follow.

You may be contemplating moving area, ending a relationship, struggling with your finances or your health. Let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, dilemmas and challenges arise on a regular basis! 🙂

What I’ve noticed, is that when I’m not happy where I am or with how things are, then I struggle to find the clarity I need to make the changes that are necessary. So what tends to happen is that I go into fixing mode. I’m a brilliant problem solver and fixer. For other people 🙂 For myself. Not so good. That’s because my head likes to take over. The mind enjoys mulling things over and gets busily into action. The result? My head feels muggy, my body and mind seem to detach from each other and my soul seems to go into isolation.

The most effective way I’ve found for that clarity to happen is to relax. Now if someone had said that to me even a year ago I’d have been decidedly unimpressed and dismissive. Relax. That’s it? Really? Sounds a bit airy fairy and non-productive to me.  So bare with me whilst I tell you more.

When we’re up in our heads and in thinking or analytical mode then we can get detached from the rest of us. Ever walked down a street to go to a shop for example, with your head busily going over something, to arrive there with no awareness of anything you’ve seen on the way? Or maybe you’ve seen the video about the gorilla? The one with a team of basketball players and you’re asked to count how many times the ball is passed, or something. Many people get so focused on watching the ball that they totally miss the super large gorilla that walks amongst the players.

Overly thinking means we’re less aware of what’s happening in our body. So less likely to be aware of how something feels to us. We might not notice that sense of unease or that feeling of lightness or joy that could give a clear indication of which step to take.

When we think too much then our body can become tense and it’s harder for our energy to flow smoothly through all the body, to our muscles and nerves and organs and systems.  Which can mean that we tend to get fixed on one thing and not so easy to be open to any other possibilities. We just go over the same things, kind of circling round with no forward movement.

So relaxing lets the body  go into a more open, flowing, reception, calm, peaceful mode. It feels safer. It feels good. A bit like when you’re trying and trying to remember something and it’s on the tip of your tongue and you finally let go and voila, the answer comes.

How to relax? I find breathing helps. Focused breathing, maybe to a count of 6 breaths in, 6 breaths out. Whatever works for you. Simply focusing on your breath gives your mind something to do.  It also relaxes the body. I also find that going for a walk helps to relax and calm and allow energy to flow more freely. I especially love walking by the sea as the sound and rhythm of the waves also nourishes me.

Meditation, done sitting as a deliberate practice, even for 5 minutes also can help to relax and ease the mind. Or you can use one minute meditations, walking meditations and mindfulness practices throughout the day.

There are many different ways that you can use and see what works best for you.

The important thing is that when you relax then it’s easier for mind, body and soul to come into harmony, for energy to flow more easily and freely and this is when you can find clarity. This is when inspiration comes which is really the guidance of our soul.

So next time you feel you’re struggling and want clarity with something then remember to bring relaxation in.

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