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Intuitive Readings

Get unstuck. Find insight, clarity,guidance in navigating your path.


♥  You feel like you're at some kind of crossroads. Ready for big change but you can't seem to identify what's needed or how to go about it.

♥  You're frustrated in your work. Unfulfilled, lacking purpose but don't know how to change things.

♥  You've got a decision to make and it's just whirring round in your head and you've no idea what to do for the best. You wonder if the choice you need to make is the "right" one. Hoping you're not about to make some monumental mistake and make things even worse.

♥  You're facing challenges in your relationships, prosperity, health, career and you wish you could see more clearly what's going on and how best to deal with it.

the benefits of tarot readings

Phone/Skype/Zoom readings

15 mins £15.00

30 mins £24.00

Email readings

Concise 1 question, 1 card £15.00

Regular reading using 3 cards £35.00

How to Book

1. Make your payment

2. Use the contact form to arrange a time

(and send me your question/s for an email reading)

Email readings are done within 5 days.

Phone readings are arranged Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 12.00 UK time.



My Approach

My readings are to help you find insight, clarity and guidance for dealing with the challenges and decisions in your life and creating your own future.

I use tarot and oracle cards as a tool, along with my intuition, to explore what's going on, look at where you're headed, potential problems, possibilities and likely outcomes.

It's not about predicting a predestined event, black and white answers, a future set in stone. Nor is it looking at what's going on in someone else's life or what they're thinking or doing.

It's about you.  Having a better understanding about what's going on, being better able to deal with challenges, make clear decisions, consider alternate paths. Ultimately, putting you in charge of your life and making the best choices for you.

We can look at things such as love, relationships, career, business, prosperity, life purpose. 

We'll look at the energies around you and your situation, identifying anything that may be blocking you, stopping you or that may be hidden from you and how you can best navigate through.

The reading may confirm what you've been thinking and feeling and therefore give valuable reassurance and confirmation that you're on the right track.

We can explore new perspectives, different understanding, look at possible choices and outcomes and what action you can take to change things.

They are to help empower you, move from worry and uncertainty to greater peace of mind, confidence, hope and inspiration in choosing and determining the next right step for you to be able to create the future you most truly want.


"Thank you so much for the reading and answering my question clearly and precisely. I found it very insightful, and accurate too...Also, very good interpretation of the card in context."  JJ

"Outstanding. So insightful, helpful, and well-written and with caring"Sam

"I am so pleased I followed my instincts on contacting you. I felt when I saw your face that you were warm, sincere and together with your expertise you gave me the confirmation I was looking for plus much more. " AS

"You are very powerful and precise straight away! Love it and gratitude!"

"Thank you for the reading, it was great and really made sense to me"

"Clear and precise tarot reading giving me practical guidance on next steps to take."

"..reading was wonderfully informative and helpful. I got a clear answer to my question and lots of great insight into what I need to be doing to help things move along"

"Explained the cards and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. She is very personable and professional. Excellent reading!"

Terms & Conditions

  • Readings only for those over 18yrs of age and not for 3rd parties. I'm not able to answer questions about other people.
  • Legal requirements state tarot readings are for entertainment services only: Any decisions you may make as a result of this reading rest entirely with you. 
  • A reading isn't legally binding and is not a substitute for the consultation of appropriate medical, legal, financial or other professionals. 
  • Phone readings are 15 or 30 minutes long and I'll give you a UK landline number to call. International clients we can use Skype (audio only)
  • Standard email readings are approx 800-1000 words long and 250 words for the quick question one card readings. Please allow up to 5 days (Mon to Fri) to receive from receipt of payment and requested info from you. Sent to the email address you provide. 
  • Please contact me prior to purchase for any clarification needed

By purchasing a reading you accept that the terms and conditions apply.

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