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Is information overload keeping you stuck?

Is information overload keeping you stuck?

You’re not living the life you want. You’re unhappy at work, struggling with a relationship, difficulties with finances, your health. Feeling unfulfilled and frustrated because you’ve been working really hard to change things.

So what’s the problem? Why haven’t things changed? There can be many different reasons and I believe that one of them is information overload.

You’ve not been able to transform your knowledge into success, you’re not seeing the benefits of all that information in your daily life.

What I mean by this is that there is so much information available to us these days. There are books, articles, audios, webinars, courses, in-person, on-line, how to do this, how to do that.

I love reading, love finding things out and all those emails in my in-box are full of enticing titles, sending me off on another journey of exploration of yet more information.

Problem is, I could easily spend all day, every day reading, listening, learning more and more and yet, is it changing my life on a day to day level? Surely the point of acquiring knowledge is to be able to apply it to your life? To then see some kind of change that you’re wanting. If this doesn’t happen then you’re simply amassing more and more information, more and more knowledge.

So what’s missing? I believe there needs to be a balance and the missing ingredient is applying the information and knowledge in your life. I know for myself I have so many books. Which is fine. I absolutely love reading. Yet if I’m reading these books to make some kind of change in my life then I also need to look at what I’m doing to implement what I’m reading and monitor what’s happening in my physical world.

One way of doing this is to look at your life. If you’re happy and seeing the changes you want then I’d say that things are looking good and you’re doing something “right”. If you’re not happy and are experiencing struggle and difficulty constantly without any resolution or signs of change then I’d suggest that you need to do something different.

Do you have regular practices that you follow each day, each week? Do you have tools and things you can use to handle your everyday life? When you encounter difficulties do you know how to deal with them? Are you able to recognise your reactions and responses to situations and people, identify patterns, beliefs etc?

If you’re continually seeking more information it could be because you haven’t yet found what it is you need. It could, however also be because you haven’t applied what you’ve learned so far. It may be that you simply need to find a way to put into practice what you already know. So that is becomes part of you. That can help to end the feeling of never quite there. Of always being something just out of reach. The feeling of striving but not arriving. Of change always being in the future and never now.

So see if you can take just a couple of things you already know and put them into practice. And if you need help with that, which most of us do, then find friends who wish to do similar, or a group or your own private coach. Whatever you feel works best for you. And get that balance between acquiring knowledge and making it work for you in your life.

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