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keys to a happy successful life

Keys to a happy successful life

I believe there are four keys to a happy and successful life:


  • Live in the present.
  • Take time to connect to your inner self.
  • Let love be your guide
  • Be consistent with the above and practise daily.

You may think the list is short, or simplistic. What about exercise, nutrition, meditation, self-development? Yes, those are important. Yet without the four things mentioned above then you may not experience the results you desire. With these four keys then all else can follow and you'll be led to which practices are most helpful for you.

I've spent years exploring books, courses, information about how to be happy, how to create a successful life, how to make the changes I desire. I've discovered many wonderful, brilliant, inspiring teachers and continue to do so.  Yet without incorporating any of the information into my life all I've done is gain more insight, more information. And little actual change.

So I started to look more closely at what I was missing, what was most needed. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with all the information and couldn't remember what I needed to do for this situation, that challenge.  My focus was more checking with the sources of information than on what I knew. My mind was having a field day and enjoying every minute 🙂 but I was lacking a strong, solid foundation.

I like simple, easy and concise. Something I can remember. Something I can build on and develop. And these four keys definitely help me.

So here's a bit more info on each of them. There's actually a whole heap of stuff that goes into each and too much to go into detail in one post so I'll try my best to include sufficient to make sense of it.


Live in the present

This means being fully present with whatever you're doing and whatever's happening. No "futurizing" as I call it, which usually involves worst case scenarios, worrying about what you don't want to happen. No mind wandering into automatic pilot or allowing the past to dictate your responses by default.

If I'm talking to someone then giving them my attention - not checking my phone, thinking about something else.  I've found being fully present is actually incredibly challenging! Once you're aware of it, it's amazing just how often you are not fully present, often not aware of your body, your mind off here, there and everywhere.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to get better at being fully present.  Once you learn them and the more you use them the more you feel more peace, more ease, stronger, more confident, less stressed.


Take time to connect to your inner self. 

So who is leading your life? Who's deciding what you should do, think, believe, how you should spend your time, look after your body, what's going to bring you happiness?

The absolute best guide is your inner self. Your soul, your spirit, your essential self - however you describe him or her.  Yet how often do other people decide for you? It may be the influence of the media, what you hear, read, see. It may be society and the beliefs held. It may be your family, your friends.  But what about you?   If you're unhappy with any aspect of your life then have you asked yourself why?  What matters to you?  What works for you?  What foods are best for your body? How do you like to spend your time? What lights you up and brings you joy?

To connect with your inner self you need to take time for silence each day. Time to be rather than do.  Be still and listen. When you're busy and always surrounded by activity and sound it's very hard to hear and be guided by your inner self.  Taking just ten minutes each morning and evening to sit quietly and go inwards will help with developing this relationship with yourself.  It'll enable you to access your in-built guidance system that absolutely has your best interests at heart and will lead you every step of the way.


Let love be your guide.

Connecting in with your heart means you will be guided to the best outcome in all situations. Having love as your guide can help with such things as your beliefs and thoughts each day.  It's not about some wishy-washy sense of love or tolerating abuse. If you become aware of the thoughts you think each day and the beliefs that you hold then ask yourself would you want any of those things to become true?  Would you want the life that they are creating?

So, for example, if you regularly say "I hate my job", "I can't afford that", "I'm so fat and ugly", "all the good men are taken", "why can't I have a romantic relationship?" then that is what you are creating more of in your life and the very things you don't want.  Occasionally thinking like this is one thing but when you find yourself continually and repeatedly thinking like this and speaking these words out loud then it's adding more and more energy to it.

Love includes things like compassion and kindness and gratitude.  You can consciously choose to use these every single day of your life. Treating yourself with compassion and kindness.  In how you speak to yourself, how you treat yourself. Again, there is so much involved here and such a huge difference it can make to your life.


Be consistent and practise

Knowledge without action is just knowledge.  Doing something is what brings about change.

So practise.  Every day. As often as you like. Until it becomes a way of life. Then you're creating a life that has meaning for you and one that brings you happiness. And get the help and support you need on the way.


Don't be deceived by the simplicity of these things. Actually making them part of your daily life takes dedication and mastery.  They're not something you can just read and do once and that's it. They really are part of your daily life, a way of living.  The more you do, the easier it gets.

If you'd like guidance, support and help in creating a life that you love, that lights up your heart and soul then I'd love to assist you.  Just contact me about sessions that work for you.

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