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living a life you desire

Living your best possible life with a simple but strong technique

If you want to be living your best possible life and make it as easy as possible then I’ve discovered this simple but strong technique to be very effective.  It helps with creating inner strength and confidence and being able to create the life your heart most truly desires. It’s essential for letting go of old energies, old patterns and bringing all of who you truly are into this physical reality.

In order to be all of who you are and live a life where you’re able to create more of what you actually desire rather than living in survival mode or reactive mode you have to be able to successfully connect the physical and the spiritual.

You’re more than just a physical body. You’re more than just a thinking mind. Your essential self is spiritual. Some call it soul, some spirit, part of Source, the Divine. However you like to describe it, essentially it’s about recognising that you’re an energy being. And you need to have body, mind and soul all working together, all integrated as they should be.

But how exactly do you do this? The simplest, yet most effective way is by using the breath.  There are lots of outside practices you can do but this one makes the most sense to me. After all, it’s something that we can do anytime, anyplace, anywhere and without anyone else. It’s always available. It doesn’t depend on how much money you have or the need to go and seek it. It’s yours. Always accessible. Always there. And why in the world would our soul have made it so that actually living as our soul self would require anything that left out anyone or restricted it in any way?

So what I find effective is to breathe in from above the crown of my head all the way down to the tips of my toes and down into the ground below. Because I’m familiar with the chakra system I can also picture the breath going up and down each of my chakras. I picture my life force energy running up and down a central channel and then going into every single organ, system, structure and cell of my physical body. I picture light energy and then it surrounding me also.

This gives me a strong awareness of my body and also of my soul.  It also ensures that my energy is within me. What I’ve noticed is that once I’m in the world, going about my daily life, my energy, my attention goes to so many things and people outside of me. When I do this, with no awareness of my own energy within me, then I’m less effective, it takes strength from me. Leaves me more tired, depleted and more easily affected by what’s going on.

It’s essential to make this a regular practice. A way of being. If you do it once or even do it just once a day then the effects and benefits won’t be so great as if you do it regularly, often. The more you cultivate this sense of self, this inner connection, the stronger you’ll feel, the more energised, more peaceful, more capable of dealing with things, more inspired and confident about what you need to do.

So, it’s simple. Yet strong. Effective. And essential if you want to create your best possible life, one that gives you joy and that actually belongs to you rather than one that’s been created for you by others.


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