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Many people today have heard about the “Law of Attraction”, about manifesting and yet how many of us can truly say that we have the life that we want?

So if there is lots of information out there about how to manifest the life you want then why do so many people struggle and seem unable to create it?

I believe the answer lies in understanding our powers of creation. We are continually creating every second of our existence. Just because we are not consciously directing our attention on creating something – such as a job or a loving relationship – does not mean that we’re not creating, it simply means that what we are creating is based on our habitual patterns, thoughts, feelings, actions and if those are not in line with what it is we want then we are likely to experience frustration and struggle with what is actually showing up!

How many times have you found yourself in the same situation, the same relationship – different person but same dynamics – and not understood why it kept happening? Have you ever found yourself at the check-out in the supermarket without any conscious remembrance of all the items in your cart?

In order to successfully manifest the life that you want you need to firstly recognise the fact that you are always creating. Then to ensure that you are in control of your conscious mind and not the other way round! You then need to focus clearly on what it is that you want and then set thoughts and intentions in place. These then need to be continually and constantly reinforced.

If you’ve set the intention to get fit it’s not sufficient to simply think “I want to get fit”- you have to back it up with action. One thing I’ve noticed with myself is how I used to buy a herbal remedy or supplement, take it for about a week, and then find I “forgot” to take it each day and I used to joke with myself that having it there in its bottle was not enough – I have to actually remember to take it too!

All your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be in alignment. If, for example, you are wanting to improve your relationship, you need to be aware of your thoughts and feelings all the time, not just when you’re with your partner. So you may be consciously working on your relationship but then when you’re out and about and seeing other couples find a negative thought comes to you or you may feel jealousy or resentment about someone else’s happy relationship.

It’s important to be aware, being present with what’s occurring and knowing that you are always creating so that in order to manifest the life that you want, you need to create by design and intention and not by default and omission.

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