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opening to love

Opening your heart to love

Many of us have walls and barriers around our hearts that block us from fully experiencing love.

As we grow from babies to adults we hear words, feel emotions, experience situations that lead to us closing off our hearts.  We built barriers, often without realising, trying to protect ourselves from hurt and pain.  But what we’re doing is shutting off our life-force and restricting the flow of love both in and out of our lives and that causes us to feel the very hurt and pain we’re trying to defend ourselves against.

When we close our hearts because of what we perceive others are doing to us or because of what we see happening in our world, we forget that love is inside of us. Who we are at our essence and source is pure love. We forget that love is strong and powerful.

Opening your heart to love doesn’t mean you allow abusive behaviour or situations or harm to happen. It’s remembering yourself as love and going beneath the outer picture and choosing to connect back in firstly with the truth of who you are. There is no situation or circumstance or condition or relationship that you cannot apply love to.  The walls and barriers we put up around our heart come from fear. We can choose love instead. It doesn’t take any grand gesture or complicated procedure: simply a willingness to allow love to flow.  This will start to dissolve the blocks and you’ll experience more opportunities to let love in and out and begin noticing a difference in your daily world.

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