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Oracle card guidance 30th September week

The oracle card guidance for the 30th September week, until 6th October comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck. The card is

“Go the Distance

and it came out in the reversed or protection position.

Dig deep. Yes, I know, it feels like you’ve been doing that forever! It’s like miles and miles of sand, the same scenery over and over and over again and as far as you can see it’s just more of the same.

When you look at your situation and circumstances you may feel anxiety, tension, maybe even a sense of  panic. Because you just can’t see anything changing. You may be wondering how in the world you can keep going like this. Have you taken a wrong turn? Are you in fact wandering in circles? Will it be like this forever?

These are the concerns and questions of the mind, of the personality self.  When you find yourself feeling fear or uncertainty, stop. Pause. Breathe. However many times you need to do that.

Look again at the card. Do you see the chequered flag? Keep going.  Things are changing. It may be subtle changes under the surface: changes in your thoughts, your responses, your emotions. But those small shifts are what cause the whole picture to transform. Step by step you are moving.

Don’t let yourself fixate on the outer picture. Don’t take that as evidence of how things will always be. Know that things can change. If you’ve ever lain on the ground and looked up at the sky and watched the clouds have you noticed how they move and change shape? Have you noticed how they change density? One minute thick and heavy and the next thin and whispy.

Check in with your soul and higher mind often.  Keep your energy and your focus firmly on your spiritual essence and inner strength. Your soul is your compass. Even a tiny amount of faith changes things. Make up your mind and decide to trust.  Feel the strength in your heart.  Go the distance.

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