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Oracle card guidance week 10th June

The oracle card guidance for this week, beginning 10th June comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck.  The card is:

oracle card guidance readings“Co-create”

Know that you’re part of divine Source.  There is a spark within you that is more than the physical body, more than the conscious mind.

If you know yourself as mind, body, soul then know that it takes all 3 working together to create your life.

Those dreams that you hold in your heart come from your higher self. When you touch in to them, how do you feel? Does your heart sing? Do you feel expanded and joyous?

They’re meant to come into being. They are what you truly wish to create and enjoy in your life.  So how can those dreams become real? How can you experience them in your physical reality?

Know that your inner being is always guiding you, always leading you. It can sometimes feel like a massive leap of faith to believe this, especially when outer circumstances show no evidence of what you want.

That is the time to dig deep. To keep your heart open.  What you think, what you feel, what you believe, what you do, they all create your reality.  It takes practice to notice what’s going on for us and not allow our thoughts or emotions to take over. That doesn’t mean not having thoughts or feelings or suppressing them or trying to force them to be different or go away. It means being present with your experience. And knowing that you’re more than your experience. You’re more than your thoughts and emotions.

This card reminds you to know that your true desires, those that come from your inner self, can come true. Keep believing this. Ask to be shown what you need to know.  Remind yourself often that you are divine love in a physical form.



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