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Oracle card guidance week 2nd September

The oracle card guidance for the week beginning 2nd September through to 8th September comes from Colette Baron-Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ deck.  The card that I drew is:

“A Leg Up”

Are you feeling weary? Like you just can’t do this on your own any more.

You’ve been doing your best but it feels like your best isn’t good enough. In the sense that it hasn’t got you to where you want to be.

It’s still feeling like trudging through treacle. You’re doing the inner work. You’re taking the outer actions. And you don’t know why “it” isn’t happening.

Now is the time for some help and assistance. Now is the time for a leg up. Not because you can’t manage or are weak or failing or for any reason other than sometimes we need assistance.

That assistance is there for you. But you need to ask. So that comes firstly by recognising that you need a helping hand and that you’re ok with that. It’s a sign of strength knowing you don’t have to go it alone. So the next step is inwardly asking for that help. Ask your higher self, your true, soul self to be in full control and sorting everything out.

Be open to receiving help. And if you can accept help in some small form that will assist you also. So if someone wants to hold a door for you, offers you a lift, a coffee, a chat then let yourself receive. Be willing to receive. You know that you would be happy to give to others, with no strings attached so let them do the same for you.

Look at all your beliefs about accepting help, about needing help, about wanting help and see if any of them need to be let go of because they’re no longer valid or helpful to you.

As you begin to shift your beliefs, your thoughts, your expectations then things will begin to change outwardly also.

Know that help, assistance, a leg up is there for you at this time. Look out for it and let the joy in your heart flow as it shows up.

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