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Oracle card reading 24th June

This week's oracle card reading comes from Colette Baron Reid's 'Wisdom of the Oracle' deck and the card is:

"Message in a Bottle".

The answer you've been looking for is there.

But where? You feel you've been searching and searching. Waiting and waiting. And zip, nada, crickets. Nothing. Silence.

Well the answer's been floating along in the background, it's been there all the time. You just haven't been able to see it or hear it. Not your "fault". Not that you've been doing something 'wrong'. When your head is full of 'stuff' then you can't hear clearly. Things are muffled. You can hear sound but nothing is clear.

You may have been so focused on doing and fixing and solving that you have only been aware of certain things. Your picture has been limited.

Things are clearing. It may not feel like it. You may still see murkiness when you look at your outside world. Things may feel heavy and unclear. But your inner world has already shifted or is in the process of shifting. And the outer always follows the inner. That inner shift was what you needed to make in order for your daily life to change.

So now the way is clear for you to receive and hear the message that you most need right now. It may be a conversation you have with someone who gives you exactly what you're needing or points you in the right direction. It may be less direct and be simply something that someone says that makes you sit up and pay attention. It may be someone you know, a conversation you hear.

The message you receive will help you in knowing and taking the next right step for you. It could be moving away from something and moving towards something else. All you have to do is be open. Be open to hear. Simply be willing to look beyond all you've known so far and be open to other possibilities, other opportunities.

This week, have faith and trust that your way forward will be revealed to you. You will receive a message that propels you towards what is most right for you right now.

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