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free weekly tarot and oracle card readings for guidance

Oracle card reading guidance for week 16th September

The oracle card reading guidance for the week of 16th September through to 23rd September comes from Colette Baron Reid's 'Wisdom of the Oracle' deck. The card that I drew is:


free weekly tarot and oracle card readings for guidance

If you're wanting to go in a new direction, make changes in your life then it'll help you if you're able to be flexible.

Right now you're in the middle of your situation and seeing things from where you are. Sounds obvious, doesn't it?! What it means is that how things are right now look bigger and more in your face than any other possibility.

Other possibilities may be there but they're undefined, indistinct, hard to picture or imagine. They feel far off, distant. So it makes it hard to see what's out there, difficult to know clearly what step to take.

The guidance is to lean into as many possibilities and options as you can. So let go of any fixed ideas you have about how things are and what's possible. And simply allow. Simply tell yourself that you're willing to see, willing to look. You may have to stretch just a little bit beyond your comfort zone, a little bit beyond what's familiar and known to you.

Allow yourself to entertain and consider all options. You don't need to make a decision before you're ready. But at the moment loosening things up will help. It may also help you to bring some flexibility into any aspects of your life that you can. So for example, you may wish to shake up how you currently walk to the shops or to see friends.

Just see what it feels like if you can let go of how you think things "should" be or need to be. Can you let things be different to how they are?

You may not be able to get to where you wish to move in one complete go. It may take some adjustments or increments of change. It may look slightly different to how you envisaged it. As long as you hold on to the essence and energy of what your heart desires then be open to how exactly it comes to you.

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