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free weekly tarot card and oracle card intuitive readings

Oracle card reading week 22nd July


free weekly tarot card and oracle card intuitive readings

The oracle card reading for the week beginning 22nd July comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Enchanted Map‘ deck. The card that I drew is:


Things are ready to change in your life. That which you’ve been wanting to happen can now do so. Why?

It’s because you’ve been acquiring knowledge and wisdom on your path. It may seem like things have been tough for you. Difficulties, challenges and nothing really panning out as you’d like. You may have been feeling frustrated. Starting to doubt. Questioning yourself. Wondering if you’re doing “something wrong”. No.

Everything that’s happened to you up to this point is actually helping you. Even if it may not appear so. All those situations, those relationships, those emotions have been creating changes within you.

If you consider, you’ll probably realise that your thoughts and your beliefs have changed. You’re not the same person you were last year, or even a month ago. You’ve probably let go of much heaviness and things that needed to be released from your life.

You’ve acquired wisdom. The ability to see more clearly. To be more discerning. To understand more fully who you are, what matters to you and to honour you. You recognise illusion, you can tell when the wool’s being pulled over your eyes. You see beneath the surface and see with your inner vision and clarity.  You can’t be fooled or misled or taken on long windy paths or easily tripped up.

You recognise what’s right for you.  You trust in your own judgement. You know how to make the right choice, the right decision for you. You don’t let others’ opinions over-ride your own. You don’t say “yes” when you mean “no”.

So whatever it is that you’ve been longing for know that it’s within sight. And you will recognise it. Don’t let your mind try to confuse you or take over with the “should I do this? Should I do that?”. If you have a choice or decision to make then tune in to your body and your heart. Take a moment of stillness and have trust and faith in yourself and in your innate knowing.

If you’d like to explore something more fully to assist you with greater insight and clarity and peacefulness in your life then you can arrange a personal, private intuitive tarot or oracle card reading with me here.

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