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free weekly oracle card reading

Oracle card reading week 6th May

This week’s oracle card reading comes from ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck by Colette Baron Reid.  The card is:

free weekly oracle card reading“Higher Power”

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re more than a body. You’re mind, body and soul as one unit.

You’re so much more than just this one physical body, having to make things happen in your body and your world all by yourself.

So what is this higher power? There are many different ways to describe it. Some call it your soul. Or spirit. Source. The divine. The One.

Your higher power is always there. Always available. You simply need to connect. How do you do that? Through meditation or sitting quietly and taking your focus off the mind and not following its every thought and direction. Slowing down your breathing and stilling the body so that you can be more aware of all of you.

You may find it easier to connect when you’re out in nature, feeling the contact with the earth beneath your feet and the trees, grass, plants around you, with the air and the water, the sun on your face, warming your body.

If you wish to develop a relationship with your higher power and receive his/her guidance then it’s important to spend time cultivating and nourishing that. It’s one thing to sit for five minutes in meditation in the morning and ask for guidance and then spend the rest of the day forgetting you have a higher power and not tuning in or asking for guidance and insight but instead following the direction of the mind or other people.

So connect in regularly throughout your day, throughout your week with your higher power. Be aware of the energy running through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Ask for guidance. Know that your true essential self desires to live life in all its glory and is always nudging you forwards, pointing you in the “right” direction for you, bringing you what you most need at any moment. You are not alone. Reach out now, this moment and each and every moment. And see how your life unfolds.

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