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Oracle card reading week of 22nd April

The oracle card reading for this week of 22nd April comes from the ‘Enchanted Map’ deck of oracle cards by Colette Baron Reid.  The card that I drew was:


Are you feeling them or hearing them right now? Do you sense that heavy presence around you? Waiting to jump out. Lurking in the background. Seemingly never far away.

What are they whispering in your ear? “You’re not good enough”, “It’ll never happen”, “it’s all going to collapse”, “you’ll be all alone, poor, sick”, “it’s not working”, “I can’t”.  Those words of discouragement, criticism, fear, worry, anxiety are the goblins.

Sometimes they may feel very loud, like they’re right next to you, shouting in your ear. The next it’s “just” some disquiet gnawing away at your peace and happiness in the background. I say “just” because when you’re not really aware of them that’s when they start to chip away at you.

But have you noticed that they’re in the dark on the card? They’re hiding. I wonder why that is.  Because in the light of day they’re not as scary. So when they’re exposed to the light they’re not as powerful. So maybe when we hear those goblins it’ll help us to face them. To question them. To stand up to them.

When we hear those fearful voices, when we feel that anxiety and tension in our body, then let’s deliberately send love to it. When we’re feeling scared, to acknowledge that. To say, yes, I see you’re there. Yes, I feel that heaviness, that trembling, that ache in my body. And I surround it in love. It’s not about making it go away. It’s not about efforting to change it. To force the discomfort away. It’s neither running from it nor being eaten alive by it. But rather knowing that who we truly are, our essential self, our soul, is so much more. So much bigger and stronger and is there in whatever situation and circumstance we find ourself.

The only effort or trying or strength that is needed is that of remembering and coming back over and over and over again to our soul, our true essence. And know that we are able to handle and move through anything.

If you’re facing a personal challenge right now and could really do with some support and assistance in coming back to centre and calm and also insight and guidance for moving forwards then I’d love to help you with either a soul guidance session or a personal oracle or tarot reading. You can connect with me here.
free weekly oracle card reading

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