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Oracle card weekly reading 29th July

The oracle card weekly reading for 29th July comes from the ‘Enchanted Map‘ deck of cards by Colette Baron Reid. The card that I drew was:


You’re feeling disconnected. Like the world is passing you by and you’re in some kind of parallel universe.

You can see people around you, things happening but it’s like you’re frozen in time. Not much happening in your world.

No matter what you do or how hard you try it’s like things have ground to a halt.

You know that you can’t go backwards. Too much has happened. You’re not willing to settle for second best. You’re not willing to engage with people and things that drag you down, make it feel like you’re wading through treacle. You’re tired of the old way. And yet, where is the new?

You don’t understand why the new hasn’t come. You connect in with your true self, you take time out in nature, meditate, think positively, focus on what you’re wanting to create, you do the inner work, you do the outer work. And yet.

And yet here you are in a ghostlands.  What’s going on? How do you handle it?

Breathe. Consciously breathe.  Be gentle with yourself. You’re still transitioning. It may feel uncertain. It may feel like you’ve been abandoned. Not got your footing. Don’t belong here. But not yet found exactly where you do belong. So simply focus on what’s right here now.  Dig deep for your faith. Connect as often as you can with the beauty around you. The simple things such as warm sunshine, cool air, a green forest, a blue sea or pond or stream. Feel yourself as part of that.

Let the past be in the past. Leave the future to the future. Be here now. Be present with all that is. Feel the beauty, the joy, the stillness, the warmth, the cold. Be with the sorrow, sadness, anxiety, aching as best you can. Like a small child coming to you, hold out arms of love, safety, reassurance, presence.

You will pass out of the ghostlands. It’s not forever. Your experiences change, your emotions, thoughts, beliefs change. And through it all is you. Your soul self. Ever present, Ever there. Ever strong. Lean in to that self. Embrace that self.  And ask for the guidance you need.

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