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elegance oracle card

Oracle card reading for 29th October week


elegance oracle cardThis week I've chosen my "Magical Times" empowerment cards by Jody Bergsma to do an oracle card reading for the coming week.  The card that I drew is "Elegance".

No matter what's going on in your life right now you have the ability to handle it.  It may feel as though you're surrounded by thick sludge or heavy emotions that want to pull you down and consume you.  This card is a reminder that those events, those emotions are not who you are. They are not the sum total of you and not your true essence.

You, the true you, is able to thrive, irregardless of what is occurring.   As you connect in with that truth then it'll make it easier to be able to handle what you're facing and deal with what needs dealing with.

It's not about ignoring the heaviness or the seemingly negative.  It's not about "thinking positive" and closing off any emotions. It's a case of recognising them for what they are and knowing that they don't define you.  You can and will pass through this.

The lotus flower blooms and flowers in murky waters.  You too can flourish regardless of your current circumstances.  Swans mate for life.  You too can be true to yourself, be present and loving with yourself no matter what.

So this week you're encouraged to know that "this too will pass". Keep coming back to the centre of yourself, find balance and trust that all is well.  Individual tarot and oracle consultations are always available at 

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