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You are valuable simply because you exist. You don't need to prove it or do anything. It's not about your job, your role, your achievements. You don't have to earn it or try to get there. You are enough.

Babies and pets don't have to earn their worth. They don't get deprived of food or shelter because they aren't walking or talking fast enough, as required, they don't purr enough, can't fetch your slippers. We love them and provide for them without conditions and requirements.

And yet for ourselves, we learn that we have to earn our living, our worth. We are rewarded based on how much we do. Life becomes a struggle. We're unable to relax into life. There's not so much attention paid to our innate qualities, like kindness, compassion.

How do you feel when you think you have to meet certain expectations and requirements? You have to behave a certain way in order to receive approval, belonging, acceptance. You have to accomplish certain tasks in order to be successful.

Some jobs are seen as more valuable than others. People are treated differently according to their roles. So you might receive more money, more holidays, a bigger office. But who you are isn't your job. What happens when you're not in that job? Do you stop existing? Are you suddenly of less worth, less value? We make so many judgments and put so many rules in place and it creates separation, otherness.

We put our energy into trying to get to the winning side. Yet there is room for us all. Space for us all to follow the light of our own heart, to know our true self and let that shine.

So when you start to feel "bad", uncomfortable, sad, frustrated, less than, stop. Pay attention to your thoughts. Don't just let them run amok. Question them. Are your thoughts actually true? Or are they beliefs that appear to be true because they've been seen as real for so long.

Your emotions are wise guides if you let them. They're there to draw your attention to something that wants to change. So don't be afraid of them. See what arises. And remember, who you innately are is whole and complete. You don't need to achieve anything or get there. Simply drop and let go of the false that's been piled on top.

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