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release worry

Release worry

Do you long to be able to release worry and fear?

Are you feeling immoblised and hindered by worry? Like it’s your constant
companion. You may escape for a few moments, but by and large you seem to
spend large amounts of your day in the grip of fear.

You feel that knot in your stomach, the tightness in your shoulders.
Sometimes you forget to breathe. You notice you’ve been holding your
breath without being consciously aware of it. Your breathing may be also
have moments where it’s faster and you can hear your heart beating. Or
it’s just shallow and it’s hard to take in a good deep breath.

It’s a horrible way to live. Even when there’s something “nice” happening
it’s like the worry is never far away and constantly reminds you of its

So how do you deal with it? You may have read of techniques to help you,
including being present, mindful, in the present moment, focusing on your
body or your breath. All of these can really help and are definitely
effective. However, the key I’ve found is consistency, determination and

When worry is really doing its thing then you have to repeat over and
over. It can be many times during an hour. Once isn’t enough. It can feel
impossible. Take a huge amount of effort.

So begin with the desire and intent to release your worries and to focus
in on your inner self and make a connection between your breath, your body
and your inner self. Every single time that you find a worry or concern or
anxiety come up then inwardly stop. Breathe. Put your attention gently on
your body.

It may be a thought that you’re aware of, it may be a sensation
in your body, it may be an emotion. In whatever way the worry announces
its presence choose to both be with it and release it. That doesn’t mean
that you have to work hard to “get rid of it”. No. You’re not trying to
change it. Even though you may want to. It’s about saying, ok, I hear you,
I feel you, I see you. If it helps you and works for you you can also
choose to say “I bless you”. This one may bring up tears or some emotional
release or even resistance.

It’s being willing to be with what is, however undesirable it is. Choose to release your worries. You might want to ask them what they want you to know, what they want to communicate to you. It may be the worries aren’t even yours! But coming from outside of you. Actively denying them or pushing them away, in my experience, only keeps them active or they get more intense. So accepting their presence. Accepting what is, right now. “I release this”. “I let this go”.

And every single time in the course of your day that worry arises be
present with it and release it. over and over.

Notice how you feel as you do this. Notice if you feel easier. If some of
the tension decreases. If the frequency of worry lessens.

You can also ask your inner self/higher self/soul (however you refer to
him/her) to show you any action you need to take. So then you can trust
that you will be shown and know that is an action in and of itself. That
way you don’t rush into taking action from a frantic head but rather allow
the best most helpful action to arise.

Remember that consistency and coming back over and over to your breath,
your body, your inner self over and over will help you with releasing all
that needs to go.

I hope this helps you.

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