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Simple changes that could have a profound effect on your health and happiness


I believe there are fundamental things that need to be in place in order for us to enjoy optimum health, wellness and living a life where we feel alive, vibrant, at peace within ourselves and that has meaning for us.

Sometimes it feels like we’re living on automatic pilot and accept things like feeling unfulfilled in our jobs, struggling with money, low energy, feeling sluggish, anxiety, fear, headaches, over-weight, illnesses, as normal.

You know you don’t feel truly happy or well but aren’t aware of being able to change it.

A basic building block would be nutrition and what you feed your body, your environment and what you put on your body and surround it with. I have experienced the difference to my health from this.

The simplest way I found was to introduce more live, plant based foods into my diet and remove packaged, processed food. I love discovering the effect foods have on our bodies, the huge benefits that can come from the foods we eat. It feels we’ve become so far removed from natural foods that we’ve lost any sense of connection or understanding around our food.

When I see the effect that a food is having on me, I find it empowering and exciting; to know that I can be in charge of my own health and well-being. that I can actually eat things that support my body and help it function and thrive.

Alongside nutrition and what we put into our bodies is what we put on them and surround them with. By this I mean the shampoos, soaps, washing powders, cleaning products that we use and the technology we surround ourselves with. If you’re in tip top health and zinging with energy then you’re fortunate. If you’re not, then you may want to look at these things and see for yourself if changing them makes a difference.

Again, this is my own experience of being negatively affected by certain toxins. My health improved tremendously when I discovered what was affecting me, removed it and substituted natural or organic based products. Whilst I went through a very tough time where I struggled to function that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, in some ways I consider myself lucky because it led me to look more closely at things and see a direct correlation between what I was using and my health. I’ve acquired lots of information that means I have more choice and more options and can be in charge of what’s best for me.

The body, mind, emotions are all connected and if the body is struggling then it affects them all and your relationship with yourself and others in your life.

For me, having healthy choices means more possibilities, more joy. It means a move from fear, anxiety, struggle to more flow, more presence. When my body is healthy it’s easier for my mind to be crystal clear, my emotions to guide me rather than overwhelm me, feel more creative and stronger and more alive.

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