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Spiritual guidance oracle card reading 17th June

I've drawn today's card from the 'Wisdom of the Oracle' deck by Colette Baron Reid for this week's spiritual guidance oracle card reading.


The card is "Yin"

and it came out in the reversed or protection position.

Let yourself receive and be open and receptive to your inner guidance.

Be wary of rushing into action or pushing or forcing or trying to make things happen.

That carries an energy of doubt and lack.

When you so much want change to happen and you so much want to be living the life that your heart yearns for it can be tempting to work really really hard to achieve this.

When you're unhappy where you are and with your current situation, of course you want to move on, escape it, find something that truly resonates with you and fulfills you.  And the mind and the personality self are so used to driving things forward. Ok, this is what we want, this is what needs to happen, this is how we do it....

Except this leaves the soul, the true self out of it.  Who we truly are is no longer in charge, no longer leading and effectively shut out so that it's very difficult to hear our inner guidance and actually know the correct action to take, the action that would be most beneficial, and the right time to take it.

Sometimes it feels very hard to trust. Very hard to wait, listen, remain open and poised and receptive to those subtle signs that are leading us.

This week you're asked to let things come to you. To not rush into being the doer, the action taker. But remain connected to your inner essence and truth. Tune in to your innermost heart often. Connect in with your body. Be internally still and at peace and willing to trust that you will be led. You will be shown. You will receive.

What belongs to you, what is most right for you and the unfolding of your path, what would give you the greatest joy and happiness, is meant for you.

Feel the certainty deep in your heart and bones and let yourself receive.

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