Holistic life coaching and spiritual guidance.

What dreams do you have?

How would you like your life to look? Your relationships, work, finances, health, sense of purpose and connection?

How do you make it your reality?

I can assist you by looking at what's going on, what's not working, what you'd like and to help you bring about the necessary changes - such as clearing out old patterns, wounds, beliefs that are blocking you - to make it easier for your true soul self to emerge and start living the life that you were meant to live.

Understand who you truly are, how the universe works, how to deal with your everyday life in a successful way.

Live from your divine nature, from a centred self, as your essential soul self.

Experience a positive difference in how your life shows up. Be able to live authentically, in line with your own personal values and integrity, honoring what is true for you, expressing your highest purpose. Be able to express unconditional love and compassion for yourself, others, the earth, knowing how all are interconnected.


I work 1:1 with you to talk about what truly matters to you: your concerns, dilemmas, struggles that you're experiencing right now, your dreams. It could be about things emotional, physical, spiritual, relationships, financial, work, purpose, fulfillment.

Listening to you where you're at right now, without judgement, without expectations or fixed outcomes or any "shoulds".

Holding the space of support and the bigger picture, to make it easier for your true essence to emerge, feel more peaceful, a shift in energy, new perspectives and possibilities, insights, clarity, figure stuff out.

Get to the root of what's blocking you.  Get unstuck.  Be able to transform things for the better. Find clarity and resolution.

Spiritual guidance and life coaching sessions are always available singly, as you need them.  However, for long term change, depending on where you're at, what you've done so far and what you want to achieve, you most probably need regular sessions. These are available at a lesser rate.

What can I help you with?:

Feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Like you're living in groundhog day.

Feeling trapped in a job or relationship you don't enjoy any more but feel obliged to stay in or can't see any way out.

Feeling anxiety, fear, worry, irritation, loss of hope that things can truly change, loss of confidence, belief, disheartened, discouraged, disillusioned, weary, fed up. Be able to find relief, calm, peace.

Physical symptoms that recur or never truly go away. Maybe neck and back aches, tension, colds, always tired or run down. How do you deal with it.

Wondering what your life's all about. Feeling there must be more to life than "this".  Wanting a deeper, more meaningful way of living, fulfillment.

Practical spirituality.  Live as the soul you are.  Know the truth of who you and have your life work for you instead of having to struggle and push.

Discover what lies deep in your heart. What matters to you and how to bring to fulfillment and expression.

Living well and holistically. How mind body soul work together.

Self-healing. Thriving. Living well.  Improving your living environment.  Your daily lifestyle.

How your thoughts and beliefs influence your experience.

Releasing old stuck emotions.





1:1 private sessions

Available via phone or Skype internationally. In-person in the Bournemouth area.

Single sessions as 1/2 hr or 1hr as needed. Longer term coaching can be bought in 3 session slots at a  lesser rate, saving you money.


Single sessions £60.00 p.h. approx 80 USD

3+ pre-booked sessions: £50.00 p.h each approx 67 USD  (upfront £150, $200) {can be split into longer or shorter sessions to suit}

private sessions
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Complimentary Consultation

If you have questions and wish to speak with me prior to booking I offer a 15 minute complimentary consultation. You can request here. 

Arrange your appointment

Appointments are between 9.00 and 17.00 GMT Monday to Friday. Some appointments are available outside these times to assist my international clients in different time zones.  Please use the button to contact me and I'll get back to you to arrange a mutually convenient time.


This is the essence of who you are. The very foundation of your life. I believe that you are a soul with a body and not a body with a soul. You are part of the divine and connected to the whole. We are not our possessions or our careers or what we do for a living but souls of divine love. I believe you are here to live the life you wished to experience and give expression to who you are, with your own unique talents, abilities, desires and passions. You have the ability to create that life.  I can help you to connect in with your true self, discover more of who you are and how to develop and maintain that connection.  Spirituality is not something separate that's a part of your life, similar to how your work, your hobbies etc are part of your life.  You are a spiritual being and so there is nothing it's not part of. All of your life is your soul.  If you've lived your life more from the mind and purely from the ego or personality self then it's about understanding more of the nature of the higher self and the personality self and living life as the soul you are. It's a more heart-based way of living that leads to greater fulfillment and inner peace. Being you and authentic and living in integrity with your values and what matters to you. I offer insight, guidance, ways to connect to your soul, and support and help with any challenges and questions that arise along the way.

Things that can be addressed include:

Know who you really are - living as a soul in a body.

What it means to experience heaven on earth.

Practical spirituality - living life from a spiritual perspective.

How to handle problems

Dark night of the soul

Living your purpose


Sometimes we find our emotions extremely challenging. Grief, deep unhappiness, sorrow, anger, anxiety, fear can have us running for the hills! I can help you  navigate these strong emotions - and also when you feel numb, frozen, shut off and can't feel any emotion.  Our emotions are actually wonderful messengers and guides and having a clearer understanding of our emotions, along with practical tools and ways to handle them can free you from stuck situations, recurring patterns and things that are blocking you and holding you back in your life.  If you've ever wondered "why can't I just....?"  "why does this keep happening to me?" or "why won't this go away?" then your emotions could well be the key and give you the answers you need.

In addition to helping you navigate your emotions and get to the root of any blocks, I also offer emotional support and advice. Sometimes life gets tough and challenging and we need someone to be there for us, that we can talk to from our heart.  There are things you can't or don't want to talk to family and friends about  or there simply isn't anyone that you can confide in and talk to about "this". Having a listening ear to share with can make a tremendous difference.

Issues that can be addressed include:

Deal with fear, anxiety, worry, tension, pain.

Be able to handle all your emotions and discover the gifts that they hold.

Develop resilience.


I believe our body is the vehicle for our soul and is essential for living our life. It's a vital partner and we need to take good care of it. If you're feeling under par or are struggling with some aspect of your health then we can look at what's going on and what may be of assistance.  I have experience of how diet, our environment and how we treat our bodies can affect us, for better or worse! I've dealt with multiple chemical sensitivity and environmental toxins, healing teeth naturally, and back and neck issues.  I can offer you the benefit of all I've learned.  The health of our body is tied in with our mind, our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and with our soul. When our body is struggling then it affects all parts of us. It's much harder to enjoy relationships, your career, abundance and maintain a strong connection with your soul when your body is suffering. When you're relaxed then the body's natural healing abilities can flow and wellness is much easier. I can help you with simple practices that you can incorporate into your daily life that will make it easier to make that connection with your body, be able to listen to it and interpret its needs and messages and help with developing a core of peace and strength to facilitate wellness and ease.  Helping you look at life-style choices that support wellness for you. Energy healing is also available to help you in clearing your chakras or energy centres, thus making it easier for energy to flow and to assist you with relaxation and coming back into balance and self-healing. 

Issues that can be addressed include:

Improving your living environment, lifestyle, products, food for better well-being.

Low sugar, low carb eating for optimum weight and health. What's right for you without struggle.  Preventing dental cavities and improving oral health.

Improving symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity.

Use of herbs and crystals to support your well-being


What we think about becomes our reality.  You may have heard this and understand it but from my own experience I never realised exactly what thoughts and beliefs were dominating my life. Some were hidden in my subconscious and I simply wasn't aware of them. I found them by looking at what wasn't working and then digging deep to uncover what was at the root. I also learnt how much of my daily life operated on unconscious habits and patterns and would catch myself saying things that were definitely not something that I wanted to create in my life!

If your life isn't working how you want, if you're repeatedly struggling with some aspect such as your finances, your career, your health or your relationships then it's very likely that there is some belief, some thought that is creating that. I can work with you to help you uncover what it may be.  We can also look at how to use thoughts and beliefs to actually create what you want in life. Once you've got this in place then a very very vital key is to practise and use them consistently! 1:1 support is invaluable here to keep you on track, to tweak, to encourage and walk by your side for a while.

Issues that can be addressed include:

Repetitive negative thinking and how it affects your life and how to change

Identifying blocks in the way of your happiness

How to handle your thoughts so they're a help and not a hindrance

How your thoughts really can create your reality

The placebo/nocebo effect.

If you're living a life that is less than you really want but you don't know how to change it then these sessions can help you reclaim your own power and self.

Helping you to reach a new level of trust and confidence in yourself and the ability to create the changes you want in your life. Finally be able to see what your heart has been yearning for become your reality.

Other Ways To Work With Me:

Intuitive readings, energy healing, sound healing, meditation, listening, emotional connection.