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Spiritual Support

My intention with each spiritual support session is to create a private, loving, compassionate space for you to feel held, heard, supported as you navigate your life here on earth.

Listening to you, exploring what’s arising with you and assisting with understanding and giving you tools for handling.

For those on the spiritual awakening path. When life in the 3d physical only world unravels, things you believed and knew start to fall apart, questions arise.

Help and support for living as your true spiritual self.

How I help:

The awakening and ascension process is about living as your true essential soul self in this physical reality. Most of us start life being primarily mind based and materially orientated, coming from the ego and the base chakras, believing in separation and service to self. As we begin to realise we are more than just a body we can begin moving to being heart based. Understanding unity and how everything connects.

You're not the roles you fill, the labels put on you. Things that you’ve believed to be true all your life may be falling away and not yet replaced. It can be a time of confusion, uncertainty, issues, situations and beliefs coming up for you to examine and re-assess.

It may feel like your life is falling apart. Everything you thought you knew no longer seems true. It may be you've lost your job. Or you might be losing your home. Or a relationship has collapsed. Things are coming undone at the seams.

Perhaps you're experiencing physical illness and nothing seems to heal it or help. You just know that you're suffering and want it to stop.

Spiritual awakening is about letting go of all that is not truly you. Clearing away the ego based beliefs and patterns that are causing you problems and suffering. Stepping into self love and compassion.

Having gone through it all myself I can help support you in understanding what’s happening. How to handle and navigate what’s arising. As well as giving you tools to make your life easier.

Arranging a Session

Please use the button below to contact me to arrange a spiritual support session.

I work Mon-Fri 8.30 to 18.00 (UK based).

Some Saturday sessions also available

Spiritual support session cost.

via Zoom, Skype, phone.


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