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Oracle card reading week of 22nd April

free weekly oracle card reading

The oracle card reading for this week of 22nd April comes from the ‘Enchanted Map’ deck of oracle cards by Colette Baron Reid.  The card that I drew was: “Goblins” Are you feeling them or hearing them right now? Do you sense that heavy presence around you? Waiting to jump out. Lurking in the background.…

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What are tarot readings all about?

what are tarot readings all about

What are tarot readings all about? There can be some confusion about what tarot readings actually do, what psychic readings are, what intuitive readings are. I use tarot as a tool of insight. To help you get in touch with your inner guidance, the wisdom and direction of your soul. To provide insight, clarity and…

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How to find clarity

Are you struggling with something right now that you just wish you could find clarity around? Maybe it’s a change of career that you’re contemplating. You might be in a job that feels like it’s been sucking the life out of you and you’re just not happy there.  Perhaps you’re considering going self-employed and setting…

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Tarot guidance week 8th April 2019

free tarot guidance

This week’s tarot guidance comes from the ‘Everyday Witch’ tarot deck. The card drawn was “The Fool” Is it time to make a complete change? Is there something that your heart’s been longing for and it hasn’t happened?  Has your heart been feeling rather weary? Your life’s ok on the surface but on a deeper…

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The importance of soul guidance

What is the importance of soul guidance?  Why do I help people with this and in the way that I do? Why does it matter? Soul guidance means you’re in charge of your own life. Your essential self, your soul, is the one living and handling your life.  You are the creator rather than the…

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