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Tarot guidance week 21st October

tarot readings for life guidance and insight

The tarot guidance for week of 21st October to 27th October comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ deck.  The card is: “Round and Round”. On the surface it may seem like you’re going round and round in circles or covering the same ground. Either it feels like you’re where you’ve always been…

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Weekly tarot guidance 14th October

free weekly tarot guidance

The weekly tarot guidance for 14th October to 20th October comes from the ‘Everyday Witch‘ tarot deck. The card is: “The Hierophant” A Hierophant is a teacher of that which is sacred and holy, someone who explains the divine, the mysterious. In the traditional Rider Waite deck the Hierophant is depicted as a bishop. In…

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Oracle card reading guidance for week 16th September

free weekly tarot and oracle card readings for guidance

The oracle card reading guidance for the week of 16th September through to 23rd September comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck. The card that I drew is: “Flexible” If you’re wanting to go in a new direction, make changes in your life then it’ll help you if you’re able to be…

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Oracle card guidance week 2nd September

The oracle card guidance for the week beginning 2nd September through to 8th September comes from Colette Baron-Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ deck.  The card that I drew is: “A Leg Up” Are you feeling weary? Like you just can’t do this on your own any more. You’ve been doing your best but it feels…

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Tarot reading week 19th August

free tarot guidance

The tarot reading for this week, beginning 19th August comes from the ‘Everyday Witch‘ tarot deck. The card that I drew is: The Fool. Are you ready to step into the unknown? Are you ready to turn your back on the familiar? Perhaps your life has felt to be in a bit of a rut,…

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Weekly oracle card reading 12th August

free weekly oracle card reading

The weekly oracle card reading and guidance for this week comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ deck. The card I drew is: “A Change in the Wind” Things are changing for you. It’s like the ground has shifted. The change may not currently be to your liking. Indeed, things may feel a…

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Oracle card weekly reading 29th July

The oracle card weekly reading for 29th July comes from the ‘Enchanted Map‘ deck of cards by Colette Baron Reid. The card that I drew was: “Ghostlands” You’re feeling disconnected. Like the world is passing you by and you’re in some kind of parallel universe. You can see people around you, things happening but it’s…

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Tarot reading 30th June week

free weekly tarot readings

The tarot reading for 30th June week comes from the ‘Magickal Times’ empowerment cards illustrated by Jody Bergsma. The card I drew is “Strength”. It’s easy to feel confident and relaxed when your life is going well. You feel happy and optimistic and just enjoy yourself. When you meet with a challenge – whether that’s…

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Spiritual guidance oracle card reading 17th June

I’ve drawn today’s card from the ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck by Colette Baron Reid for this week’s spiritual guidance oracle card reading.   The card is “Yin” and it came out in the reversed or protection position. Let yourself receive and be open and receptive to your inner guidance. Be wary of rushing into…

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Oracle card guidance week 10th June

oracle card guidance readings

The oracle card guidance for this week, beginning 10th June comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ deck.  The card is: “Co-create” Know that you’re part of divine Source.  There is a spark within you that is more than the physical body, more than the conscious mind. If you know yourself as mind,…

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