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tarot reading

Tarot reading for week of 11th Dec

tarot reading

For this week’s tarot reading to look and see what we might expect from the upcoming week, I used my Druidcraft deck of tarot cards. The card that I drew was the “Queen of Swords”.

The energies are forthright and no nonsense. You may be feeling like you’ve had enough of beating about the bush and just want to tell it like it is.

There’s a sense of of getting straight to the point and not being interested in endless dramas or stories. You may be feeling like you don’t want to tolerate things you’ve previously put up with and prefer to detach yourself.

You may see things more clearly than usual and not get taken in by external trappings and show. You can see through any illusion to the truth of what’s underneath.

Whilst you’re focusing on what really matters, remember not to detach too much that you become totally cut off or overly cold or critical. Step back so that you can see a wider perspective and it will help you in feeling a strong connection with yourself and others, leading to greater relaxation and ease.

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