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tarot readings for life guidance and insight

Tarot guidance week 21st October

tarot readings for life guidance and insightThe tarot guidance for week of 21st October to 27th October comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ deck.  The card is:

“Round and Round”.

On the surface it may seem like you’re going round and round in circles or covering the same ground. Either it feels like you’re where you’ve always been and nothing’s changed or you might have gone back to an old situation.

However, if you look below the surface you’ll see that actually it’s not exactly the same. It may feel familiar but there are subtle differences. You may be in a similar situation to what you’ve “always” been but you’ve changed in your reactions and responses and in your perspective. You don’t view things quite the same.

Look at that difficult relationship, that challenging situation and see how you see things differently. It’s like the energy around it is loosening. Things aren’t as fixed as they were before. Things feel more fluid. You feel more in control of your situation, less helpless and swept along by events or other people.

It’s like you’re in the middle of everything that’s happening to you and around you and the you in the middle is stronger. You have a much firmer foundation, more confidence within yourself, more inner peace and strength.

This week you have an opportunity to change how you look at things, change how you view things and the meaning you give them. It may only be a slight shift but that is sufficient to change the entire course of your life.

If you’re feeling stuck in the same old or repeated situations are occurring then look to see what you’re doing differently or what you can do differently. Just be open to it. If that’s what you’re wanting then it will become possible.

Sometimes in order to be able to know that we’re moving forwards and things are changing we have to face the same old stories so that we can see that we’re no longer the same. Things that used to trouble us no longer have the same impact. We’re not triggered in quite the same old way.

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