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Tarot guidance week 23rd September

I have drawn three cards for you to choose from to receive some tarot guidance for this week beginning 23rd September.

I invite you to focus inwards and hold a question in your heart. This can be either about something specific in your life or just general guidance about what you need to know right now for your highest good. Then feel which card you’re drawn to:. 1, 2, 3 from left to right.

tarot guidance pick a card

When you’ve chosen your card then you can look at the reveal and read the guidance.

1.”The Lovers”

If you chose this card then the message is of togetherness. It’s about the power and strength of two that are united in their vision and values. It’s not about two halves coming together to make a whole but rather of two wholes coming together to form a togetherness of infinite power and strength. It speaks of harmony and strength. It gives you a dual message of the strength you have within the relationship with your inner self, your soul self and to nurture and tend to that. And also of a deep bond with another person in the physical.


2. “Nine of Pentacles”

If you chose this card then the message is of knowing your inner capacity for taking care of yourself and being able to create abundance and prosperity in all forms in your life. It’s important to relax and to enjoy your world, to savour the simple things and signs of plenty and ease around you in nature. You may have been working really hard recently and if so it’s a reminder that it also needs to be balanced with rest. Take time to tend to your physical body, your spiritual and emotional needs and find balance in all things.


3. “Three of Cups”

If you chose this card then your message is about the gift and
importance of friendship. You may already have the close friendships you desire in your life and if so then take time to appreciate them, to truly understand the gift and joy and strength that they are. There may be someone that you want to let know how much you care about them. You may feel drawn to call someone, to reach out. Listen to those intuitive nudges. If you’re looking for deep connection and companionship then know that those relationships are there for you. Connect in with your heart and reach out in the energetic realms to those members of your soul family that you wish to meet.



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“Everyday Witch Tarot” by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.All rights reserved, used by permission

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