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Tarot guidance week 9th September

The tarot guidance for the week of 9th September comes from the DruidCraft deck. The card I drew was:

free weekly tarot guidance“Two of Swords”

Which way do you go? What are you supposed to do? How do you know what’s the right path? What if you go the wrong way?

If only I could see what lies up ahead! If only it were a little bit clearer.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts whirring round and round your head. And you feel stuck.  Like you don’t want to stay as you are. You really really want things to change. And yet you feel frozen. Immobilized. Not knowing how to proceed.

It may feel like this has been going on for ever.  So how do you deal with it? There are various ways.  If you have a clear choice then you could always go with the one you feel most drawn to. Instead of needing it to be completely clear and mapped out, simply take the next step.  You can always make another choice later. But taking a step now will get things moving.

You could really tune in to the feeling of indecision, of not knowing, of uncertainty and notice what you feel in your body. Come out of your head and notice what’s arising in your physical body. See what images, beliefs, emotions arise. What lies at the bottom of it all? Can you be with the uncertainty? Can you be with the not knowing? It will reveal its message to you if you’re able to listen.

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t let yourself follow the mind’s many stories about the situation that it wants to tell you. Connect in with your inner self, know that you will be guided, the answers will come.  Make peace with where you are right now. And let any choice you make come from a place of love and not fear.



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