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free weekly tarot guidance

Tarot guidance week 20th May


free weekly tarot guidanceThis week’s tarot guidance comes from the ‘Everyday Witch‘ tarot deck and the card that I drew was the :

“Two of Swords”

Right now you’re faced with a choice. You can either make a conscious choice or a subconscious choice. A deliberate choice or a passive choice. So you can decide what you want to do or you can let life, others, circumstances choose for you.

It’s like you’ve got your eyes closed and are simply praying for the best but with no real expectation that the best will happen or even knowing what it is.

Is where you’re headed really where you want to be? If it is then great. Go right ahead and you’ll feel confident that you’re going in the right direction. You’ll know that every step you take is taking you a step closer.

But if where you’re headed isn’t where you really want to be then what can you do about it? What aren’t you seeing? What is it that you don’t want to see? That you can’t face. No need to beat yourself up about it. It doesn’t make you “bad” because you can’t face it. It doesn’t mean you’re weak because you can’t make up your mind or take action.

Instead, ask yourself if you can simply be with your fears. Whatever is coming up, can you allow it to be there? So if you’re feeling anxiety, worry, tension, resistance, can you let them be there without fighting against them and adding that to what you’re already dealing with.

As you do this it releases some of the tension and this makes it easier for you to connect with your inner guidance. As you relax and let go of any self-judgement or harsh words, it makes it easier for the solution to arise. It’ll be easier to know what the next step is and then be able to take it.

Tarot readings are a brilliant way to by-pass your logical mind and tap in to your inner guidance so that you receive insight, clarity and the best way to move forward for you right now. To book yours then please go here.

“Everyday Witch Tarot” by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.All rights reserved, used by permission.


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