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Tarot reading 13th May

The tarot reading for 13th May week comes from the ‘DruidCraft‘ deck of cards.  The card drawn was:


free weekly tarot readingsTwo of Pentacles

It may feel like things are a bit unsettled right now. And that could even be a bit of an understatement! 🙂 You may feel overwhelmed or like you’re being buffeted about. You may feel uncertainty and lack of security. You may not know what step to take next. How to proceed. What to do for the best.

Perhaps you’re feeling worried or anxious. You’ve got too much going on and aren’t sure how you’re going to handle it all.

Whilst it may feel like this and yes, that’s what you can see around you and what’s going on, – you’re also dealing with it.

It may feel unpleasant, it may feel uncomfortable.  You may have times when you just want to cry or be anywhere else but where you are. But when you go to bed at night, realise that you made it through the day!

No matter what challenges are going on for you at the moment, you are handling them. You are moving through all those emotions and taking the steps that are needed each day.

What else can you do? The most important is finding that place of peace deep inside.  How do you do that? Really, really desiring and intending it is a good place to start.  Going within. Talking with your inner self. Asking for guidance. Asking to be shown all you need to know. Asking to receive all you need to receive.  And breathe.  Slow breaths. Connect your body and your breath and your inner being/higher self (however you refer to her/him).

Know that you are never alone, never at the mercy of what’s going on around you.  Take your focus off of any storms and know that they are temporary.  The waters will change and you are fully supported as that occurs.

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