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Tarot reading 30th June week

The tarot reading for 30th June week comes from the ‘Magickal Times’ empowerment cards illustrated by Jody Bergsma.

The card I drew is “Strength”.

free weekly tarot readingsIt’s easy to feel confident and relaxed when your life is going well. You feel happy and optimistic and just enjoy yourself.

When you meet with a challenge – whether that’s in a relationship, with your health, work, finances, sense of fulfillment or purpose – then you tend to feel a bit wobbly and unsure. Unsure about what’s going to happen. Not knowing how to handle things. Feeling tense, anxious, out of sorts.

The message this week reminds you to always connect in with your inner strength. Always connect in with your centre, with your true essence. Make it a part of your life.

Your soul can see the bigger picture. When you connect in with your centre and truth then you feel stronger, not buffeted around so much by what’s happening in your world. You’re better able to deal with things and to also intuitively know what it is that you need to know.

When you’re not connected to your centre and your soul or essential self isn’t in charge then the mind takes over. Invariably this leads to constant mind chatter, agitation, uneasiness, tension and knee jerk reactions. Or things simply whir round and round and you have no clue what to do and get lost in a storm of emotions.

Strength reminds you that no matter what’s going on there is an answer and  way forward. You are not your circumstances or your situation. You are a magnificent metaphysical being.  Your strength lies inside the core of your being. Remember that. Tap into that. Choose that.

It takes effort. It takes choice. It takes consistently and repeatedly choosing to trust and live as your soul self.

If you’re facing difficulties and challenges then affirm your determination to dig deep, to keep choosing the truth of who you are and refuse to be pulled down by outer circumstances.  Those are temporary and can change. Who you are is permanent and you have that inner strength to handle and transform your life.

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