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Tarot reading 4th August

free weekly tarot readingsThis week’s tarot reading comes from the ‘Everyday Witch’ tarot deck. The card I drew is:

Ace of Cups

A time of new beginnings. You’re discovering a new love for yourself. You may have been coming to some new realisations recently as a result of what’s happening in the relationships in your life.

It may have felt hard, even incredibly painful. With things happening that you hadn’t anticipated and don’t like. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with various emotions and have been pushed to re-examine what you’ve believed to be true.

All of it is actually leading you towards greater happiness and inner peace. Any heartache you may have been experiencing also contains healing for you.

You may have been giving too much of yourself away. Saying yes when you mean no. Afraid to speak up for yourself, scared you’ll upset someone and then have to deal with the consequences. As a result you’ve been supressing a large part of your true self. You’ve not been doing it consciously and have been acting from the best kind of motives. Yet if you look closely you may see how you’ve given parts of yourself up or away.

Now is a time for self-reflection. For self-love, self-nurturing, self-appreciation. It’s the foundation of all relationships in your life. Finding that love, acceptance and contentment with you as you are. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things you may want to change but you don’t have to change in order to love yourself. Love yourself and then change if you wish.

Take time to know who you truly are, what matters to you, how you wish to express yourself in this world. Be gentle with yourself, compassionate. All those things you wish to experience in relationships give to yourself.

There’s a new strength, a new beauty emerging. It’s been there all along. Now it’s starting to become more and more evident and visible. Cultivate that love, nourish and nurture it and you’ll see more and more reflections of it in every aspect of your physical life.

For insight, guidance and help on your own specific life issue then please contact me for a private, personal tarot reading.

“Everyday Witch Tarot” by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.All rights reserved, used by permission

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