Tarot Readings

Tarot & Oracle Readings

For insight and assistance in changing your life for the better.

​Tarot readings are helpful for questions on love, relationships, work, career, business, spiritual matters. If you're struggling with a dilemma or difficulty then a tarot or oracle card reading can help light up what you may not be seeing and offer insight and guidance in finding your way forwards.

Simply choose whether you'd prefer your tarot reading via email, which enables you to read it at your leisure or via phone or Skype which gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and then make the appropriate payment. Please contact me to schedule a time for phone readings. I work mainly Mon-Fri 09.30-17.30 GMT. For email readings please use the contact form to ask your question/s. Information is confidential so please feel free to give me as much info as is relevant to your situation.

Please give me your first name, gender, date of birth and also name of any other person for relationship questions. Please note that any relationship question will be focused on you. I'm not able to answer questions about someone else's life and what they're doing. If you'd like assistance with what to ask prior to purchase please use the contact form and I'll gladly help.


  • Regular email reading: £35.00
  • Quick one question email reading: £15.00
  • Phone or Skype reading: £12.50 (15 mins) £24.00 (30 mins)
  • Person/pet oracle message: £5.00
  • Pay by minute phone or chat readings 

My readings come from the heart and my higher guidance and are always aimed at empowering you.

tarot readings

Regular Email Reading

An email reading to provide insight about your question. I'll create a spread that feels most appropriate and helpful for what you're asking. It's fine to ask a couple of questions as long as they're about the same issue. Usually using 3 tarot or oracle cards.

Quick Question Email Reading

Concise and straight to the point. For when you'd like some quick insight into a relationship, career or other life issue. One question on one topic using one card.

My approach

​I'm an intuitive with clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognisant skills and use tarot and oracle cards as a tool to connect with my higher guidance and you to help answer your questions.

The future isn't set in stone, leaving you at the mercy of some outside fate! So my readings don't focus on future predictions or fortune-telling. They are to help empower you and offer support and guidance, hope and inspiration to help you choose and determine the next right step for you to be able to create the future you most truly want.

They are focused on you, looking at the energies around you and your situation, identifying anything that may be blocking you or that may be hidden from you and how you can navigate through, helping you find insight, perspectives, sometimes confirming what you've been thinking and feeling and reassurance that you're on the right track, looking at possible choices and outcomes and what action you can take to change things, helping you in moving from uncertainty or worry to peace of mind so that you feel more settled, hopeful and confident about the path before you and how to proceed.

I use the Universal Rider Waite, Druid Craft and Everyday Witch tarot decks and also the "Wisdom of the Oracle" and "Enchanted Map" oracle decks. I choose whichever deck I'm guided to for your particular reading but if you have a favourite then just request it.

Phone or Skype Reading

A phone or skype (voice only) reading is ideal if you prefer to interact via voice and means that you can ask as many questions as you like or even look at different issues.  I suggest 30 mins. If you'd like longer then just book an extra slot.

I also offer pay by the minute phone or message chat sessions via my listing on Keen.

Phone/Skype Readings

Pay by minute please use buttons below

To book your email reading please pay using buttons above and use the contact form to send me your name, question/s, date of birth. For phone readings please indicate preferred times and I'll get back to you to arrange prior to paying.

pet person oracle message

Person/pet oracle card messages.

Just send me your name, your pet's name, gender and species. I will draw one card for each of you and tell you the message that I get for each of you. Sent to email address you provide.



"Thank you so much for the reading and answering my question clearly and precisely. I found it very insightful, and accurate too...Also, very good interpretation of the card in context."
JJ August 2014

"Outstanding. So insightful, helpful, and well-written and with caring" Sam January 2015

"I am so pleased I followed my instincts on contacting you. I felt when I saw your face that you were warm, sincere and together with your expertise you gave me the confirmation I was looking for plus much more. " AS Feb 2015

"You are very powerful and precise straight away! Love it and gratitude!"

"Thank you for the reading, it was great and really made sense to me"

"Clear and precise tarot reading giving me practical guidance on next steps to take."

"..reading was wonderfully informative and helpful. I got a clear answer to my question and lots of great insight into what I need to be doing to help things move along"

"Explained the cards and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. She is very personable and professional. Excellent reading!"

Types of readings available

Relationship Readings

For questions about:

  • love and romance
  • attracting new love
  • resolving difficulties in current relationships
  • twin soul relationships
  • friends, family, colleague relationships

Readings will look at providing insight and information about what's going on, how to move forwards, best approach to take.

Career/Business Reading

For questions around career or business such as:

  • changing direction
  • finding new work
  • resolving current difficulties
  • prospects for any proposed new ventures

Spiritual Reading

​For questions relating to exploring your true self, your soul, life purpose, how to deal with life from a spiritual perspective.

General Reading

​Select this option if you'd like more of a general reading to look at the energies around you for the upcoming future and whatever I may get for you or alternatively you can use it to ask any question that's not covered in the other topics mentioned.  Please note that a reading can't give you health or financial advice.

Terms & Conditions

  • Readings only for those over 18yrs of age and not for 3rd parties. I'm not able to answer questions about other people.
  • Legal requirements state tarot readings are for entertainment services only: Any decisions you may make as a result of this reading rest entirely with you. 
  • A reading isn't legally binding and is not a substitute for the consultation of appropriate medical, legal, financial or other professionals. 
  • Phone readings are 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes long and I'll give you a UK landline number to call. International clients we can use Skype (audio only)
  • Email readings are approx 800-1000 words long and 250 words for the quick question one card readings. Please allow up to 72hrs (Mon to Fri) to receive from receipt of payment and requested info from you. Sent to the email address you provide.  Person/pet oracle messages are a few sentences or more each. Short and concise.
  • Please contact me prior to purchase for any clarification needed

By purchasing a reading you accept that the terms and conditions apply.